6 Reasons to Obtain the Proper Permits Before Beginning a Home Renovation

Renovating a home is a great way to up its value and increase your satisfaction in living there. Having said that, most home remodeling projects come with their fair share of inconvenience and stress. One major inconvenience is obtaining the building permits necessary to make the changes you want to make. Getting the proper permits can be costly and time-consuming, so you might be tempted to forgo this requirement. Doing so, however, can lead to major issues down the road. Here’s why making home improvements without the proper permits is a bad idea. 

Your Contractor’s Work may be Subpar

Without a permit, the work done on your home may be subpar. Your contractors aren’t required to adhere to any building codes and the work isn’t guaranteed. Come selling time, you may be hit with major repairs if the home inspection reveals substandard improvements. 

You may not be able to Finish the Project or Might be Forced to Tear It Out

If your municipality finds out you’re making renovations without a permit, they could issue a stop-work order, or worse yet, make you tear out all the work you’ve completed up to that point. Further still, they could slap you and your contractor with a hefty fine.

Your Homeowner’s Insurance May Not Cover the Renovations

If you make unpermitted renovations to your home, your homeowner’s insurance may not cover them should there be an accident or disaster in that area of the home. Furthermore, should someone get hurt in an area of your home that was remodeled sans permit, you could be looking at a major lawsuit as well. 

The Value of Your Home Could Drop

Failing to obtain the proper permits for home renovations can cause your home’s value to decrease since the information your municipality has on your home is inaccurate. Having building permits will ensure the information is up to date so property taxes and homeowner’s insurance costs are accurate. 

Buyers may be Less Confident in Your Property

Making unpermitted structural renovations to your home could cause buyers to be less confident in bidding on your property. The buyer may think you hired substandard contractors since you didn’t even bother to get the proper permits. 

There’s no avoiding the issue since your buyer’s agent will pull any permits obtained for major renovations. Having permits for any remodeling project you do will ease buyers’ minds and encourage them to make a reasonable offer on your home. 

Not Having Permits Can Stop a Sale

If you don’t obtain the permits necessary to make home renovations, you could potentially sabotage the sale of your home. Permits are public record, and any good inspector or appraiser will pull those records to ensure any renovations were done legally. If they can’t find the proper permits, a lender may refuse to fund the purchase. 

While obtaining permits for home renovations is a hassle – it takes time and money – not getting them can potentially cost you more in time and money later, as is described above. If you’re planning a major home remodel, it pays to get the proper permits to avoid having to deal with the issues listed above.