How To Arrange Your Living Room With A TV And A Fireplace

Both the TV and the fireplace are worthy focal points in a living room. With this said, it can be a challenge arranging these features so that both can be viewed at the same time. The placement of your TV, as well as the fireplace if you’re remodeling, will likely dictate the furniture placement, so consider them carefully. 

For help in arranging your living room properly with a TV and a fireplace, check out the tips below. 

Option 1: TV Over The Fireplace

This option makes things simple. You don’t have to figure out where to look and arranging the furniture with both focal points on the same wall is a no-brainer. 

That being the case, there could be one problem with this arrangement. If your fireplace is too tall, it can put the TV at a level that’s too high for comfortable viewing. If you’re putting in a fireplace, you can keep this in mind and choose a wider, lower-profile fireplace that will allow you to hang the TV lower for more comfortable viewing. If your fireplace is already in place, you may want to consider the other options below. 

Option 2: Fireplace In The Corner, TV In Front Of Sofa

This option is alright, as far as aesthetics go. The fireplace in the corner allows you to utilize all the wall space surrounding it, so you can place the TV and sofa wherever you want. 

While many people like corner fireplaces, an alternative, if you’re remodeling, would be to install a hanging fireplace in the corner. A hanging fireplace is round, which makes it fit perfectly in the corner, and because it’s smaller, takes up less room than its in-wall counterpart. 

Again, with the fireplace in the corner, regardless of whether it’s hanging or in the wall, you have freedom in choosing how to arrange the furnishings and where to put the TV. 

Option 3: Fireplace And TV On The Same Wall Side-By-Side

A more modern and aesthetically pleasing arrangement for the TV and fireplace is side-by-side on the same wall. A stove-like fireplace takes up less space than a regular fireplace, and an exposed chimney adds charm and interest to the room. 

The placement of a stove fireplace off to one side allows you to hang a TV at eye-level, centered with the sofa for easy viewing. Again, with both focal points on the same wall, it’s easy to view them at the same time and furniture placement is easy, too. 

Option 4: TV On A Credenza 

If your fireplace takes center stage and you aren’t planning to renovate to change it, you can place your TV atop or above a credenza on the same wall. If the credenza is situated such that it might cause craning to see the TV, place the TV on a wall mount that extends away from the wall so you can pivot it to a comfortable viewing position. The only downside to this arrangement is if the wall isn’t long enough, it might be difficult to fit a credenza next to the fireplace.