How To Turn Any Balcony Into An Outdoor Oasis

A balcony is a coveted amenity among apartment tenants. This tiny space allows renters to enjoy the outdoors, even while living many floors above the ground. Not every apartment has one, but if yours does, the following ideas can help you transform it into an outdoor oasis. 

Make It Bright With Bold Colors, Textures, And Patterns

Personalize your apartment balcony with plenty of color, texture, and pattern. Start with an outdoor area rug that features a vivid pattern. Top it with a couple of chairs adorned with colorful throw pillows and add a plant or two. Be sure to choose plants that grow well in the conditions present on your balcony. 

Add An Outdoor Bar Cart

Get yourself a cart with multiple shelves and wheels. This will give you plenty of room to transport your favorite drink ingredients and let you wheel it back inside once Happy Hour is over. 

For added pizzazz, try adding a plant or framed piece of artwork to your bar cart and opt for colorful drinkware in shades that complement the balcony’s décor. 

Make The Space Private

If your balcony butts up to your neighbor’s or it faces the street, it can be difficult finding the privacy you seek. With that said, you can use tall plants or trailing hanging plants to create a barrier against prying eyes. Also, outdoor curtains are another option. Not only do they make your balcony more private, but they can also block the harsh rays of the sun to keep the space a few degrees cooler. 

Create A Dining Area

If you enjoy taking your morning coffee on your balcony, you may want to consider adding a small table and a couple of chairs to create a small but cozy place to drink it. Look for a round table rather than a