Storage Hacks To Help You Save Space Around The House

It’s not that you have too much stuff. It’s that you don’t have enough storage space to house it all, right? This seems to be a major problem in most homes. Lack of storage for things like Christmas decorations, seasonal items, and the like is a pain, but luckily, the storage hacks below can help. Keep reading to discover several clever ways to save space around your home. 

Vertical Storage In The Kitchen

The kitchen is notoriously lacking in storage space in most homes, but there’s an easy fix if you have an island or extra space above the stove. 

Install a hanging pot rack above the island to put your pots and pans on display and get them out of your cupboards where they’re hard to get at and take up so much space. Say bye-bye to having to take out six pans before you find the one you’re looking for and hello to an organized, interesting space!

Furniture With Storage

In small homes or homes with little storage space, furniture with built-in storage can be a godsend. In the bedroom, decorative trunks or beds with drawers underneath give you extra room for bedding and seasonal clothing. In the living room, a coffee table with drawers or an ottoman with storage inside can be just the extra space you need to store board games, remotes, and other small items found in this multi-purpose room. 

Keep Your Christmas Lights Up All Year Long

When you see Christmas lights on in July, do you automatically think that person forgot to take their lights down after the holiday season? This may be the case, but the faux pas is really a smart one. 

Keeping your Christmas lights up all year long helps foster a festive, light mood all the time, eliminates the hassle of untangling, installing, and removing the lights every season, and keeps them out of your storage space, making room for more important things. 

Turn Your Jewelry Into Décor 

If you have a lot of jewelry, especially colorful costume jewelry, consider taking it out of the drawer you’re storing it in and turning it into décor for the room instead. 

Purchase a hanging rack or install some decorative hooks to hang your favorite pieces from on the wall. The display will showcase your personality and free up some valuable storage space for other things. 

There are a lot of opportunities for finding extra storage space in your home if you put a little creative thought into it. When creativity meets organization, you’ll likely find more space than you need!