How To Keep Your Kids’ Toys Neat And Organized

In these days of COVID-19 pandemic norm, it’s easy for family life, work-life, and recreation to run together with nary a difference from day to night or day to day. Everyone’s belongings tend to scatter far and wide throughout the house, making it seem as if there is no separation of space or privacy. If this sounds like your home, you may be looking for ways to reclaim your space. 

Below, we’ve put together a list of several ways you can keep your kids’ toys from taking over the house, so you can take back your domain (at least in theory). 

Get Rid Of Toys They Don’t Play With Anymore

If your kids have more toys than they know what to do with, it’s time to reduce their stash to something more manageable for both you and them. This may sound like a Herculean task, but it’s actually easier than you think. 

Have your kids sort their toys into categories: those they play with and those they don’t. If they fight you on getting rid of the toys they no longer play with, have them stop and analyze why they want to keep them. Once they talk through their feelings, they will likely see that keeping the toy no longer makes sense and be willing to part with it. 

Be Picky When Buying Toys

When buying toys, be picky in your purchases. Choose well-made toys that can “grow” with your child. Shy away from cheaply made, overly-large, and pointless toys as they will break quickly or your kids will become bored with them before long. 

Set Some Toys Aside For Special Occasions

To keep kids from getting bored with their toys and to keep from constantly cleaning up after messy toys, set some toys aside for family time or rainy days. This way, you can supervise the messy toys and the kids will look forward to playing with the tote of special toys when inclement weather keeps them indoors. 

Set The Rules

It’s your house, which means you can set the rules for what can be played with when and where. Set rules such as “No toys in the kitchen,” or make it a rule that everyone has to pick up their toys each night before bed. It may sound a tad over the top to set toy boundaries, but keep in mind that kids thrive when given boundaries and routines, and it turns them into respectful, helpful human beings, too. 

Make Sure Every Toy Has A Home

It’s hard to pick toys up when they really don’t have a home to go to. Rather than throw all the toys in a large toybox, give kids separate totes and bins to put their things so they can easily find them and put them away on their own. 

Line several totes along the wall and designate each one for something specific. Legos in one, cars in another – you get the picture. 

Just because the family spends many hours together doesn’t mean the house has to look like a pigsty. Get everyone to chip in and adopt the tips above to keep toys from taking over your house.