No Level Needed: How To Hang Pictures Without A Level

Not everyone has the tools necessary to get the job done right, and this is especially true when it comes to hanging pictures and other décor on the wall. A level sure makes the job easier, but if you’re like a lot of people, you simply don’t have one on hand. 

If you’re hoping to achieve that gallery wall you saw on Pinterest but lack a level to do it up right, don’t fret! You can achieve a perfectly aligned and properly spaced gallery wall by using any of the following techniques, and you won’t need a level for any of them!

Use Your iPhone

Did you know your iPhone comes with a built-in level feature? It’s in the compass app. You simply open the app and swipe left. Once you have your picture frame hung on the wall where you want it, place your phone horizontally atop the frame and wait for the results. 

If you have an Android phone, look in the app store for a third-party level app to do the same thing. 

Use Painter’s Tape

If your picture frame has two brackets on the back, it can be difficult to get the nails perfectly aligned so the picture hangs straight. This is where painter’s tape and a patient attitude come in. 

Take a piece of tape and stretch it across the back of the picture just underneath the brackets. Place a dot where the nails should go. Peel the tape off the picture and stick it to the wall where you want the picture to hang. Eyeball the tape to ensure it is straight and pound in the nails where the dots indicate. When you hang the picture on the nails, it should hang straight and level. 

Use A Water Bottle

You can make a homemade level out of a plastic water bottle. Simply fill the water bottle about halfway with water and secure the lid. Once you have your picture hung on the wall, place the water bottle horizontally on top and allow the water to settle. When the water stops moving and there are equal amounts of water on both sides of the bottle, you know your picture is level. 

Use Something Round

Similar to the water bottle level method above, this method uses something small and round (a marble works well) to judge how level your picture is on the wall. 

Hang the picture where you want it and then place the marble on top. If it rolls off, your picture isn’t level. If it stays put, you know your picture is level as it hangs. 

Ask A Friend To Help

Lastly, you can enlist the help of a friend or family member to help you judge the straightness of the picture you’re hanging. Between the two of you, you can discuss and adjust until the picture looks straight and level where you want it. 

While these techniques aren’t exact sciences, they do help you achieve straight and level pictures and décor on the wall without a level.