Add Color And Life to Your Home With Plants

Houseplants make great décor elements as they bring color and life into any space. They offer a host of health benefits including purifying the air you breathe, and they make you appreciate your home so much more. If you’d like to bring nature and color into your home, read on for great plant decorating ideas below. 

Got Bookshelves?

F.Y.I. bookshelves aren’t just for books anymore. They are a great place to showcase accent pieces, framed photos, and yes, plants, too!

Try adding a small succulent or two to your bookshelves to add texture and interest to the space. For even more impact, place a trailing plant on the top shelf and let it drape down the shelves. This gives an added layer of intrigue that’s hard to ignore. 

Don’t Forget The Ceiling

Hanging plants are a great addition to any home, but especially if you have small children or pets running around. There really is no limit to how you can hang plants from the ceiling. Hang them high for a garden up high or vary their heights to create a visually stimulating display. 

This is a fun way to introduce plants into your home as you also have the benefit of choosing the type of hanger you’ll use. Macrame hangers add a bohemian vibe while a simple hook on the coat rack makes for a simple accessory in your mudroom or entryway. 

Indoor Trees Make A Bold Statement

If you don’t have a lot of space for multiple plants or you’re tired of small houseplants, an indoor tree makes a bold statement. Indoor trees offer a floor-to-ceiling look that seems to complete the décor in a room. There are many trees to choose from that grow well indoors including palm trees, fiddle leaf figs, olive trees, and monstera, each bringing its own personality to the table. 

Plants As Room Dividers

Plants are so versatile they can even be used as room dividers. This is especially helpful in homes with open floor plans or in studio apartments where you need to create separate areas for different uses. 

You can create plant room dividers out of anything. You can use free-standing shelving units filled with plants, a long table topped with plants, or even window boxes filled with plants hung from the ceiling to create natural barriers between spaces in your home. 

Breathe Life Into Your Bathroom

The bathroom is often a cold space with hard elements. Tile and porcelain tend to give the room a coolness that’s hard to overcome. 

Adding plants in your bathroom can help warm and soften the hardness of this room, creating a spa-like vibe that’s both inviting and relaxing. Some great plant species that thrive in the humid, low-light environment of a bathroom include snake plant, spider plant, and peace lily.

Plants are great décor elements that bring life and color into your home. Hopefully, the ideas above will inspire you to bring plants into your space.