How To Transform A Small Living Room Into One That Works For You

Many people find decorating a small living room very frustrating. The limited space makes it difficult to fit much-needed furnishings, and often, the décor comes off as clutter because the room is just too small for all that needs to fit. 

So, what’s a person to do if their living room is on the small side? By following a few ingenious and strategic plans, you can turn that tiny living space into one that looks great and functions the way you need it to. 

Controlling The Clutter

Small spaces are easily overcome by clutter. Small living rooms are notorious for not having enough storage space for everything that needs to be there. In your small living space, take advantage of and get creative with the unused nooks and crannies that can double as storage space. Under end tables and coffee tables can be usable storage, or you can use wardrobes and bookcases as storage solutions. Just be mindful of the number of storage solutions you use as these pieces can quickly overwhelm the space, putting you right back where you started. 

The Right Amount And Size Of Furnishings

A small living room demands smaller furnishings and less of them. Start with the sofa because it’s the most vital piece of furniture in the room and then add other pieces from there. Don’t crowd the space by trying to fit everything in. If something doesn’t fit, find a new home for it. If you’re in the market for new furniture, look for low-profile pieces with a minimalist vibe to suit the limited space of the room. 

Keep Color And Patterns To A Minimum

Too much color or pattern can quickly overwhelm a small space. Bright colors are a no-no in a small living room. Stick to light neutrals, and if you must have pattern, choose something small and light in color. 

For pops of color, add accent pieces like throw pillows or rugs, or try painting one wall a different color or adding a wall decal to bring interest to the space. 

Let There Be Light

Small homes often lack enough natural lighting sources. Windows take up valuable wall space, so builders don’t include lots of them in small homes. As a result, small living rooms can seem dark, making them feel smaller than they really are. 

Hang mirrors on the walls to help bounce light around the room. Choose wall-mounted lights, hanging lights, or recessed lighting to provide the light you need without taking up your limited space. Also, install light-colored flooring to help brighten the overall look and feel of the room. 

Decorating a small living room can be difficult, but if you know the tricks above, you can transform your small living space into a fabulous-looking room.