Simple Ways To Make A Dark Home Look And Feel Brighter

So, you’ve found your dream home. It’s in the perfect neighborhood and has all the features you’ve been looking for and more. The only problem is, its interior is a tad on the dark side. There’s an obvious lack of natural lighting and it might just be a deal-breaker. 

Fear not, future homeowner. This house IS the perfect home, it just needs a few pick-me-ups to make it look and feel brighter. Don’t let a little thing like darkness keep you from purchasing the house of your dreams. Use one or all the ideas below to help make your new home a brighter place. 

Paint the Walls White

This is the easiest and most effective fix for a dark home, especially if you don’t have the funds to install a few more windows. Painting the walls white will give you the most brightness for your buck, but any light, soft color will do the trick. 

Lighten the Mood of the Room

While white walls will give you the most brightness effect, you can add other white elements to bring about more light in the space. Add white floor coverings or white accent pieces rather than painting entire walls white or consider hanging large pieces of art or photo arrangements to break up the darkness and add texture to the room. 

Use White Throw Rugs

If the floors in your home are dark, lighten them up by adding a few white (or light-colored) throw rugs. Remember, though, that white rugs can be difficult to keep clean, so implement a rule that everyone must take their shoes off at the door to keep your white rugs looking great. 

Hang Mirrors

Mirrors reflect light and bounce it around. What little light you do have can be magnified by hanging mirrors in strategic places to reflect the light throughout the space. You can magnify this effect by adding metallic or shiny accents around the room to also reflect and intensify the light. 

Choose Lightweight Furnishing with Clean Lines

Big, overstuffed furniture can make the atmosphere in a room feel heavy. If your room is already dark and somber, lighten the mood with lightweight, streamlined furniture. The clean lines and minimalist designs will give the room a lighter feel that seems brighter, too. 

Make Windows Look Bigger

If you have any windows in the room, make them look bigger by raising the curtain rod to the ceiling. Also, add white, airy curtains or sheers that won’t impede any light that does filter in. If at all possible, avoid curtains and blinds altogether and leave the window completely uncovered to allow as much light as possible into the room. 

Replace Yellow Light Bulbs with White Ones

Some light bulbs give off a yellow-white glow, which while warming, can also make a room appear darker. If your light bulbs have a yellowish hue, replace them with white ones so they give off a brighter glow. 

If your dream home is a bit darker than you’d like, try one or all the tips above to make it look and feel brighter.