Old Time Household Tips that Still Work Today

As technologically advanced as we are today, some of the old tips and tricks of yesteryear still have value today. Take the vintage household tips listed below. Designed to cut waste and reduce time and effort, these household hacks make life easier.

While you may already know some of them, we’re willing to bet there’s a couple you’ll find particularly helpful. 

Helpful Household Hacks from Yesteryear

Because our society is so tech-driven, most people think anything from before the Internet couldn’t possibly be very helpful. On the contrary, the tips below come from the 1940’s and 50’s, and they still work today. 

  • Got a dried paintbrush or two you forgot to clean? No worries! Just soak them in hot vinegar for a while than rinse clean. The brushes will be easy to clean and return to their like-new pliable state. 
  • If your clothes have seen brighter days, give their colors a boost by soaking them in a solution of 1-gallon water to ½ cup white vinegar. Alternatively, a solution of 1-gallon water to 2-cups salt works well, too. Wash your clothes as normal after soaking. 
  • Older homes have plaster walls, which can be a pain when trying to nail something to them. To keep nails from loosening in plaster walls, pound the nail into the plaster, remove it, wrap the nail in steel wool, then replace it in the hole. 
  • If a hole in your wallpaper is driving you crazy, fix it easily with this simple tip. First, cut away any jagged edges using a sharp knife. Next, cut a patch from the leftover wallpaper that matches. Wet the patch (or apply wallpaper glue), making sure the uneven edges are all covered. Finally, apply the patch to the hole, pressing all the edges down firmly. When the patch dries, you won’t be able to tell the hole ever existed. 
  • Paint drips got you down every time you paint a room? Remedy the problem by gluing a paper plate to the bottom of the paint can. This works better than spreading newspapers as it goes with you everywhere you take the can and you won’t need to re-spread the newspaper as you move about the room. 
  • If yours is like most, your kitchen contains at least one pot lid without a handle. For whatever reason, the handle broke off, leaving you without a way to safely remove the lid while cooking. To fix the lid and make it usable again, screw a screw through the center hole from the underside of the lid. Push an oversized cork onto the screw and voila! The cork is heatproof, so you’ll be able to use the lid as normal once again. 
  • If you have several pairs of high-heeled shoes, you can create a handy storage rack in your closet to keep your shoes in great shape and save space at the same time. Simply repurpose an old curtain rod by screwing it to the closet door with the slotted side facing out. Now, you can hang your shoes by their heels, which will keep them off the floor and looking newer longer. 

While these household tips are old-school, they still work today to make life easier and to save you money, too.