Use Cold, Hard Facts To Sell Your Home Faster

Today’s savvy homebuyers are driven by cold, hard facts rather than cutesy words like “cozy” and “charming,” which are really just alternate ways of saying small and old. These days, buyers want to know exactly what they’re getting and how it’s going to benefit them to own the home. From how it compares to other homes in the area to appreciation and neighborhood walkability, today’s homebuyers need to know the data. 

Below, we suggest several data-driven factors to consider that will help sell your home faster. 

Comps Determine Your List Price

Before you can set an asking price for your home, you need to know how it compares to other homes in the area. You can utilize a couple of different online platforms to help you with this. 

Use HomeSnap and HomeLight in combination to take pictures of comparable homes and find out how they compare to yours in size, features, and value. 

Choose Your Agent Wisely

If you’re thinking of trying to sell your home yourself, stop! Many For-Sale-By-Owner homes fail to sell quickly or for much less than they should have. You need an agent to help you get the most out of your home as quickly as possible, so look at the numbers and choose an agent who has a reputation for getting the job done right and fast. 

Sell When the Market is Hot

Certain times of year are better for selling a home than others. What time of year that is depends on your local market, so do some research to find out the best time to list your home so it sells quickly. 

Use Psychological Pricing

Have you heard of psychological pricing? It’s the idea that things sell faster with .99 in their prices than items without the .99 tag. Studies show that in a retail setting, products with the .99 tag sold 8 percent faster than products without. 

When it comes to selling homes, the same results apply. You can sell your home up to a week faster simply by making sure its price includes the “99” tag (e.g., $259,900). 

Give Buyers Proof of Appreciation

To further sweeten the deal for potential buyers, be sure to include proof of how much money they stand to make by calculating the appreciation value of your home and including it in your listing. 

Jump on the Airbnb Bandwagon

There’s a huge trend in homeownership these days, and it’s Airbnb. Many homeowners are looking to turn their humble abodes into short-term rental properties, and you can appeal to this trend by including the income potential of your home as such. 

Know Your Home’s Walkability Score

Buyers are looking for homes that are located in safe neighborhoods and close to amenities like restaurants, shopping centers, etc. There is a plethora of online resources that allow you to input your home’s location and generate a walkability score that you can then disclose to potential buyers who care about this factor when purchasing a home.