How to Use Rubbing Alcohol Around Your Home

If you’ve never thought of using rubbing alcohol for anything other than wound care, this article is a great find. It turns out that rubbing alcohol is a very versatile disinfectant and cleaner all around the house. Below, we compiled a list of unusual but ingenious ways to use rubbing alcohol for more than just wound care. 

Get Rid of Sticky Residue

Have you ever removed a sticker only to be faced with the sticky residue it leaves behind? That stuff is difficult to remove, but if you soak it in rubbing alcohol, it’ll wipe right off with nary a scrub. 

Clean Your Eyeglasses

Your eyes are sensitive to all kinds of things, which means you should clean your eyeglasses regularly to avoid contamination. Rubbing alcohol makes a great eyeglass cleaner as it cuts through facial oils and disinfects at the same time. 

Mix 3 parts of alcohol and one-part water in a spray bottle. Use the mixture and a soft cloth as needed to keep your glasses clean. 

Get Rid of Onion Smells on Hands

Cutting onions and garlic can leave behind lingering smells on the skin. Get rid of these unpleasant smells by pouring some alcohol over your hands and rubbing them together. When the alcohol evaporates, the smell goes with it. 

Erase Permanent Marker

You can remove permanent marker from hard surfaces by pouring some rubbing alcohol over the marks and letting it sit. The alcohol dissolves the marker, making it easy to wipe away. 

Deodorize Your Shoes

If stinky shoes are a problem, simply spritz the inside of each shoe with rubbing alcohol when you take them off. Place the shoes in a sunny spot and let them dry. 

Keep Sweat Stains at Bay

If the sticky summer heat has you (and your coworkers) seeing sweat stains, help keep them at bay by swiping a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol across your neck, armpits, etc., before getting dressed each morning. The alcohol has an antiperspirant effect that reduces sweat and odor. 

Clean Makeup Brushes

Clean and disinfect makeup brushes regularly by soaking them in rubbing alcohol for 30 minutes and then rinsing. Once a month is ideal for keeping these beauty tools in tip-top shape. 

Heal Cold Sores Quickly

Cold sores are a common nuisance, so there’s no need to worry. However, you can help them heal faster by dabbing an alcohol-soaked cotton ball on them each night before bed. 

Fix Broken Eyeshadow and Blush

Broken eyeshadow and blush can be frustrating, but with just a spritz or two of rubbing alcohol, you can fix them like new. Just spray the broken cake with some alcohol and push the broken pieces together. Let it dry and voila! Good as new!

If you thought rubbing alcohol was just for wound care, your mind is probably blown by all the ways we’ve shown you above that you can use it. Rubbing alcohol is a versatile liquid with a plethora of uses around the house.