Make Old Furniture Exciting Again

It can be difficult to part with cherished pieces of furniture. Whether the piece is a family heirloom or simply something you’ve really loved over the years, parting with it after so much time is hard. 

The good news is that with the tips below and a bit of determination and elbow grease, you can transform your old furniture into something new and wonderful that can stay in your life for much longer. Called “furniture repurposing,” you can take a piece of old furniture that has served its purpose over the years and turn it into something useful and functional in your life once again. 

From retro mirrors to vintage dressers, follow the tips below to breathe new life into your old furniture today. 

From Dresser To Kitchen Island

Turning an old dresser into a kitchen island is easy. Dressers have lots of countertop real estate and plenty of drawers for storage, making them the perfect piece of furniture for this project. 

Simply roll the dresser into the kitchen and use it as is or add a coat of paint and some new hardware for a fresh look or remove the drawers for open-air shelving. 

Old Door Turned Table Or Headboard

Old, rustic, and antique doors make great flat surfaces such as tabletops, headboards, coatracks, and desks. Your local home improvement store likely has a stock of table legs to attach to your door to create a one-of-a-kind piece that puts that old door to good use. 

A Bookcase Makes A Great Shoe Rack

An old bookcase makes a great shoe rack, and it fits nicely in most closets. You have a couple of options for using an old bookcase as a shoe rack. First, you can simply stand it vertically and use the horizontal shelves as is. Or you can turn the bookcase on its side and install boards to create small individual cubbies to house your shoes. 

Even Old Ladders Can Be New And Exciting

If you have an old wooden ladder that isn’t much use for actual climbing, give it a new purpose by turning it into a rustic and interesting towel rack in your bathroom. Just sand it down to get rid of the splinters and add a coat of paint for a great functional décor piece in the powder room. 

Alternatively, you can also use old wooden ladders to showcase quilts and Afghans in the living room. They look great on display and are easily accessible when the weather turns cold outside. 

Kitchen Cabinets In The Living Room? Of Course!

If you’ve recently taken some kitchen cabinets down to open up the space, don’t just throw them out. Give them new life instead. 

With a little elbow grease, you can transform those boring, clunky kitchen cabinets into a modern, chic entertainment center complete with storage for the living room. This project may take a little know-how and time, but if you Google the concept, you can complete this transformation in a weekend!

These are but a few of the ways you can give old furniture a new and exciting life.