How To Use The Monochromatic Trend In Your Home Décor

Believe it or not, fashion has a lot of influence on home décor trends. This is because it takes the same type of creativity to design both. In the weeks following Fashion Week in New York, many of the leading fashion design trends seep into other areas, including home décor. If you love that hot monochromatic fashion trend that’s all the craze right now and want to see more of it in your home’s décor, here are several ways to get it. 

It’s All About Color

A monochromatic theme uses one color from floor to ceiling. The key is to use various shades of that color to create interest and depth. To begin, choose a color you’re comfortable with. If you’re going to use one color, you’d better love it.

Center your monochromatic scheme around a favorite piece of artwork or piece of furniture or take cues from your wardrobe. This may help you figure out what colors you prefer most. Also consider what mood you’re going for. Dark colors invoke a moody, sophisticated feel while bright, bold colors elicit a fun, energetic vibe. 

Start Small If You’re Intimidated

If you’re not sure about how to go about creating the monochromatic look you’re going for, start off small in a bathroom or other small space. It’s much easier to redo these areas if you decide it’s not for you. 

A bonus of going monochrome in a small room is that it makes the space look bigger, especially if you use darker colors. 

Use Several Shades for Depth

Using several shades of the same color (in varying lightness and saturation) can lend a sophisticated, clean look to any room. One way to go is to apply the lightest color on the walls and then bring in the darkest colors on a large piece of furniture like a sofa or bed. Use the medium shades for throw pillows and other accents.

Add Texture for Interest

Combining textures within monochromatic design helps create interest and depth as well. Use smooth and textured surfaces, materials, and accent pieces in various shades of the same color for best results. 

Vary Finishes

You can further create visual interest in a monochromatic room by varying the shine on surfaces throughout the space. For example, you might use a matte finish on the walls with a semi-gloss finish on the trim. This creates just enough contrast for depth. Consider shiny metallic surfaces to help bounce light around the room to create dimension, too. 

Fashion has an impact on home décor, and in 2021, a popular design trend that’s carried over from Fashion Week into home décor is the monochromatic look. Follow the advice above if you’d love to bring the monochrome look into your own home.