Screen Porch Planning, Designing, and Decorating Ideas

With the coronavirus keeping us at home more these days, it’s more important than ever to have outdoor spaces to enjoy spending time in. A screen porch is a perfect place for enjoying a cool glass of lemonade on a hot summer day or a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly winter’s night. If you’re considering adding a screen porch to extend your family’s outdoor space, the tips below will help you plan, design, and decorate your new outdoor oasis. 

Screen Porch Location

Where you build your screen porch will determine how much you enjoy it. For example, if you live in the south, a southern-facing porch may get too hot. In the north, a northern-facing porch may be too cold. Other things to think about in terms of location are privacy (do your neighbors have a full view of your porch) and convenience (for example, a screen porch off the kitchen makes it convenient for eating out there).

Designing a Screen Porch

When you’re designing your screen porch, be sure to consider how you’ll use it. For example, will it just be a lounging area, or will you use it to dine in as well? Be sure to make it big enough to accommodate your planned usage. 

Also, think about things like airflow, too. A peaked ceiling allows for taller windows, which will increase airflow into the room, and you’ll be able to install a ceiling fan if you want, too. 

Screen Porch Windows

The ideal screen porch is open on at least three sides. This increases the feeling of being outdoors (except you won’t have to deal with bugs!). Screen room windows that can be taken in and out are the best option for getting the most use out of the space. With that said, these types of windows can limit your options. 

If you decide to go with screen windows that don’t clip in and out, you’ll have to consider furnishing the room with all-weather furniture, and you’ll likely have to deal with more dust and dirt. 

Screen Porch Decorating

When decorating your screen porch, think about how you’ll use it. If it’s meant for entertaining, you’ll need plenty of comfortable seating and a few side tables for placing drinks and snacks on. 

If you’re using it to dine in, be sure there’s room for a table and chairs. If the porch is on the smaller side, a round pedestal table will take up less space and be easier to navigate around than a square or rectangle one. 

Don’t forget to add an area rug, accent pillows, and a comfy throw to add warmth and coziness to the room. Just be sure everything is outdoor safe if your porch doesn’t have windows. 

Screen Porch Building Materials

How much you spend on building your screen porch varies depending on the size of the room and how you’ll be using it. Be sure to do some comparison shopping when purchasing materials to get the best quality materials at the best prices possible.