Tips to make your home more contemporary

A well-kept contemporary home showcases a sophisticated lifestyle, refined tastes, and high social standing. Even if your home isn’t modern and high-end, you can give it an air of contemporary design by following a few décor tips many professional interior decorators use. Adding these touches to your house will perk up its boring ambiance and make it a more comfortable and inviting space to come home to. 

1. Arranging And Decorating The Living Room

Since the living room is usually where family and guests hang out, it should convey a welcoming atmosphere. If the TV is the focus of your living room, be sure to surround it with plenty of elegant, comfortable furniture. Use end tables and/or a coffee table to provide plenty of space for drinks, making sure each table is proportionate to the furniture it sits beside. 

2. Choosing Wall Colors

Wall colors inside your home should invoke positive feelings. Avoid choosing colors based on how they look in the store, but rather how the swatches look in your own home. It’s always good to remember that lighter colors should be used over the majority of a room, while darker colors should be used to accent one wall or special areas of interest. 

3. Adding Curtains For Emphasis

Curtains aren’t just for covering the windows. When chosen correctly, they can really jazz up the appearance in any room. Choose matching curtains or drapes for subtle décor or opt instead for coordinating colors or patterns for a dramatic effect that draws the eye and wows the viewer. 

4. Flooring

Today’s home improvement stores carry so many flooring options it can be hard to choose. While this may sound overwhelming, it can be fun browsing the options to find a suitable floor for your home. The only rule of thumb here is to choose something that enhances the beauty of the room’s décor while being easy to care for in the long-term. 

5. Adding Plants And Flowers

Green plants have a calming effect on the senses, making the room feel more comfortable and relaxing. You can add an array of green plants to your home to enhance its appeal and increase its comfort quotient. 

Alternately, flowers also add to the appeal in any room. While fresh flowers are nice, artificial ones last longer. The only thing you must remember is to clean them periodically, so they stay looking good. 

6. Hang Contemporary Art

Whether you’re an art lover or not, hanging pieces of contemporary art is a great way to add a contemporary flair to any room. If you’re an artist yourself, don’t be afraid to hang some of your own framed work on the walls, too. 

7. Decorate Your Ceiling Fans

While ceiling fans add some sense of style to the rooms in your home, they can be somewhat boring. Up the ante, by decorating the blades of your ceiling fans to coordinate with the rooms they hang in. 

Using fabric and some Mod Podge or a matching color of paint, cover the blades, allow them to dry, and enjoy the oohs and aahs you get when guests stop by. 

You don’t have to have a lot of money to make it look like you live in a modern house. Using one or all of the tips above, you can add a contemporary touch to any room in your home and make your home look more appealing to family and guests.