How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen That Everyone Will Envy

Having an outdoor kitchen can be just the thing you need to take your entertaining and family dining experiences to another level. With an outdoor kitchen, you can create extravagant meals for your family and guests to dine on in the natural setting of your own backyard. 

If you’ve always wanted an outdoor kitchen, now’s the time to get started. Follow the tips below to create the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. 

1. Outdoor Kitchen Location

You may have a large yard that affords plenty of space for an outdoor kitchen, but location is everything when it comes to this outdoor feature. When choosing a location for your outdoor kitchen, consider:

  • Its proximity to things like patios, pools, and other backyard features
  • Its accessibility from your home’s exterior doors
  • Its privacy factor (you don’t want nosey neighbors peeking in)
  • Storage and security, and
  • How easy it is to install

2. Outdoor Kitchen Features

Your outdoor kitchen isn’t meant to mimic your indoor kitchen. As such, you should consider features that are most important to you for an outdoor entertainment space. For example, do you prefer to cook with gas or charcoal? Perhaps taps and kegs are your thing, or maybe an ice chest for chilled drinks? Whatever your preferences, be sure your outdoor kitchen has everything you need for it to be your dream kitchen. 

3. Get a Good Contractor

Choosing the right contractor for the job can be the difference between having your dream kitchen and having one that doesn’t meet your needs at all. When looking for the right contractor, look for:

  • Experience on similar projects
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • A good reputation for customer service
  • Flexibility and creativity

4. Consider the Flooring Carefully

When planning an outdoor kitchen, most people don’t realize the flooring is important. It must be heat resistant and easy to clean, as well as weather resistant to withstand the elements. Lastly, there should be plenty of design choices for you to pick from so you’re sure to get something that fits your kitchen’s décor. 

5. Don’t Forget the Countertops

Like the flooring, the countertops need to not only meet your design preferences, but also your functionality needs. Also, unless your outdoor kitchen will be completely covered, the countertops need to be able to withstand the elements, too. 

Think about your cooking needs as well as the requirements listed above when choosing countertops. Don’t just let price guide your choice because you might end up with something that doesn’t hold up or meet your needs. 

6. The Appliances

Your outdoor kitchen appliances need to be just right for their intended purpose. You don’t want to choose appliances intended for indoor use, and you definitely want to measure before heading to the store to buy them. Getting the wrong appliances can limit your outdoor kitchen’s useability and possibly affect your home’s value and resale value.