Tips to brighten a dark room

Do you have a room in your home that seems dark and depressing? Maybe it doesn’t get enough natural lighting. Perhaps the décor is dark in nature. Whatever the reason, it’s possible to brighten it up and give it a cheery feel even if it doesn’t have a lot of natural lighting. Here are five ideas for brightening a dark room in your home. 

1. Add Windows

If the room is on an outside wall, it’s easy to add windows to allow natural light inside. If you do the window installation yourself, be careful not to cut into a supporting beam. This is a great option if you have it because adding just one or two average-sized windows can really brighten a dark space. 

2. Add A Skylight

Whether the room is on an outside wall or not, you can always add a skylight in the ceiling if you have access to the attic. If you attempt this type of project yourself, be sure you know what you’re doing to ensure the window doesn’t leak when it rains. 

Skylights are a nice option because they allow beautiful rays of sunlight to filter in nearly all day long. 

3. Install Glass Doors

In some cases, it’s not possible to add natural lighting, so instead, installing glass doors between the dark room and a well-lit one can allow light to filter into the dark space. 

In instances where privacy is an issue, adding a sheer curtain on the glass door will let the light filter through while providing a measure of privacy. Where privacy isn’t an issue, however, allowing the glass doors to remain curtain-free is the best way to get light into a dark room. 

4. Install Proper Lighting

It may sound logical to add lighting to a dark space, but it’s the type of lighting that makes the difference. For example, you can add a lamp to a dark corner and it will definitely brighten the corner. However, it won’t do much for the rest of the room. 

Adding recessed lighting or track lighting, on the other hand, will give multiple points of light that will brighten a wider area. Once you’ve installed the lighting, take care to choose bulbs that mimic sunlight for the best result. 

5. Hang Something Reflective

Mirrors hung strategically in a dark or small space can work wonders to make it feel bigger and brighter. In order for this tactic to work, the mirror must be hung opposite a natural light source so the light shining onto it can be reflected back. The larger the mirror, the bigger the effect. 

If you have a dark room in your house, you can brighten it up by using any of the tips listed above.