Tips to Help You Organize Your Closet

How many times have you been late for a date because you couldn’t find your favorite top in that cluttered mess you call a closet? What about the kids’ closets? If you akin their closet space to a war zone, you could use some organization to get it all under control. 

Luckily, the tips below will help you gain control of your closet contents and let you keep it that way. Whether it’s a handbag collection or your love of high-heeled shoes, there’s a tip or trick perfect for organizing just about everything in your closet. Let’s get started, shall we?

Hamper, Anyone?

If your closet floor is littered with dirty clothing, towels, and other must-launder pieces, the space obviously needs a hamper. If you have shelving in your closet, be sure to add a space for a hamper as well, so you can get that dirty laundry off the floor. 

Got Scarves?

If you love scarves, but find it difficult to store them properly so they don’t wrinkle or fall on the floor, try using shower curtain rings on a hanger instead. Attach several shower rings to a hanger and then drape a scarf through each one. Not only will you be able to hang multiple scarves on one hanger, you’ll avoid the wrinkled fate that usually befalls your scarves. 

Use ALL The Vertical Space

If you’ve installed a closet organizer, be sure to take notice of any vertical space that remains. Install hooks, shelves, and other organizational methods to help you utilize all the wall space you can in the closet. 

Shoes, Shoes, Shoes

You can never have too many shoes… except for when they litter the closet floor and it’s hard to find a matching pair. To keep your shoes organized and easy to find, invest in shoe racks or a cubby system. Being able to find the complete pair of your favorite pumps with a simple glance will be well worth the expense. 

Drawer Organizers

Drawers are a great way to organize items in a closet, but their contents can sometimes get a little crazy, too. To keep small items inside drawers neat and easy to find, buy or make drawer organizers. 

To make your own, use colorful cardstock to create dividers and little boxes. The neatness, as well as the colorful display, will give you a little dose of happiness every time you open the drawer.

Soda Can Closet Space-Saver

Can a soda can really give you more space in your closet? Why, yes it can!

Just pop the tab off an empty soda can or two and attach them to the hook part of a hanger. Hang another hanger from the empty hole in the tab to hang two pieces of clothing in the same space. This is a great idea for grouping like items or complete outfits together. 

Closets are great for storage, but they sometimes become catch-alls for everything. To keep your closet spaces organized, try some of the tips listed above.