How to Build a Beautiful Patio

With so many people spending so much time at home these days, having more functional outdoor space makes whiling away the hours much more fun and relaxing. If you’ve been dreaming of building a beautiful patio in your backyard, the tips below will give you everything you need to know to get it done.

Getting Started

Before you head out to the home improvement store for supplies, take a moment to visualize your patio space. Take a chair out to the intended area and sit in it to get an idea of what it’ll be like when the patio is complete.

What kind of stone will you use? Will you use a combination of stones (pavers and concrete, for instance) to achieve the look you want? Get a feel for what you want your patio to be and then go shopping.

The Materials

If you have a large area for building a patio, you may want to consider using more than one type of material to enhance its overall look. The materials below are commonly used for building patios and can be used in combination to make some beautiful designs and patterns. 


If you live in a moderate to warm climate where frost isn’t a huge concern, concrete is a good choice as it’s durable and inexpensive. Concrete can be dyed or stamped, which ups its versatility and usefulness in beautiful patio designs. 


Bricks come in a variety of colors making them a great choice for creating an aesthetically pleasing patio. The downside to using brick, however, is the cost – it’s more expensive than concrete – and the labor required to set them – each brick must be set by hand, leveled, and grouted. 

Should you decide brick is the way to go, you have virtually no limit to the design of your patio. 


Pavers are a common patio material because they are easy to install, inexpensive, and offer plenty of versatility in designing a beautiful patio. If you choose pavers, you’ll need at least three inches of sand to place them in and a permanent border to hold the pavers in place. 


The natural beauty of stone is highly desired, but with it comes a steeper price than other patio materials. Irregular, flat stone pieces create a calming, meandering effect, while squarely cut granite, slate, travertine, or bluestone produces a regal patio fit for any backyard setting. 


Tile is a little more expensive as well as it requires the installation of a concrete slab underneath as support for the thin tiles. If you’re looking for a way to create an intricate design on your patio, tiles made of ceramic, glass, terra cotta, porcelain, or natural stone give you plenty of options for expressing your artsy side. 

Pea Gravel, Sand, and Crushed Stone

If a solid patio isn’t to your liking, you can create a nice, inexpensive patio using pea gravel, sand, or crushed stone. Crushed stone and pea gravel come in a variety of colors, while a sandy Zen garden can also double as a patio when your friends come over for a barbeque. Just be sure to install a sturdy, permanent border to keep the loose material in place. 

If you’ve been dreaming of having a beautiful patio space to spend time with family and friends, use the information above to plan the perfect patio for your backyard.