Home Remodeling Projects that Add the Most Value to Your Home

Whether you want to remodel your home for yourself or because you’re going to be selling it soon, certain projects add value to your home better than others. While it’s true that kitchen and bath remodels add the most value, there are other areas of the home that are also cost-effective. If you’re hoping to add value to your home through remodeling, you should pay attention to the following areas first. 

Paint and Flooring

Painting the interior of a home and replacing the flooring makes a huge difference and adds the most value with the least amount of effort. Flooring and paint are cheap, but the difference it makes in terms of look and smell in a home is worth so much more. 

You can paint a 2,000 sq ft home for less than $5,000 (depending on the painters you hire), but it easily adds as much as $10,000 to its value. 


The kitchen is usually the most popular room in the home, making it a room that should be remodeled first. Buyers often consider the kitchen when deciding whether to buy a home or not, so it makes sense to focus on this room first. New cabinets, countertops, and appliances are the most important aspects of a kitchen, so depending on how outdated they are or how poor their condition, you’ll want to focus on upgrading these features in the remodel. 

Remodeling the kitchen can add as much as $15,000 to the value of your home. 


Remodeling a bathroom can also add more value to your home. While updated bathrooms add value, it’s easy to go overboard and spend too much on a luxury bathroom if you’re not careful. It’s hard to put a value on a bathroom remodel, but if your old bathroom isn’t too bad, you may be able to get away with just replacing the vanity and save yourself a ton of money. 


New faucets, light fixtures, and door handles can add significant value for little expense if you’re careful. It’s easy to go overboard buying high-end fixtures for your home but spending less on nice-looking fixtures just makes more sense. You can add up to $5000 to the value of your home simply by switching out the old fixtures with new ones. 


Landscaping is one of those things that’s hit or miss. While it does up a home’s curb appeal, many people think they can handle landscaping projects much better than they can a kitchen or bath remodel, for example. 

That said, you can add some lovely landscaping in your yard, which will make the outside of your home more appealing. If you’re planning to sell, this is important as first impressions are everything. Just be careful not to go too far with landscaping as less is more in this case, especially if other homes in the neighborhood don’t have the same level of outside flair.