Eco-friendly Ways to Clean Your Home

The market shelves are full of all kinds of household cleaners. Designed to kill germs, remove stains, and leave a fresh scent behind, most of these cleaners are harmful to the environment. That’s because they contain harsh chemicals and toxins that leach into the soil and kill insects, sterilize animals, and poison plants. 

So, what’s a person to do when they want a clean house but don’t want it at the planet’s expense? 

The good news is there are sustainable ways to clean your house, and we’ve listed some of them below.

Eco-Friendly Ceiling Fan Cleaning

The ceiling fan collects an exorbitant amount of dust on top of its blades. This dust goes everywhere every time you turn the fan on. Dusting the blades regularly will help keep the dust to a minimum.

Start by placing an old pillowcase over one of the blades. As you pull the pillowcase down the length of the blade, brush it over the top to pull dust inside. This will keep the dust from contaminating the air. Avoid using commercial dusting sprays as they release harmful fumes into the environment. 

Cleaning Windows the Green Way

Nobody likes doing windows, but this is one of the easiest chores to do sustainably. 

Get yourself some old newspapers to use in place of paper towels. Next, mix two-parts water and one-part white vinegar in a spray bottle to use as a window cleaner. Lastly, spray the window with the solution and use a few sheets of newspaper to wipe it clean. 

Once you try this sustainable cleaning hack, you’ll wonder how you lived without it before because your windows will be sparkling!

Gently Remove Water Rings From Wood Furniture

There’s nothing quite as irritating as someone not using a coaster and leaving water rings on your coffee table. You can remove these unsightly stains quickly and easily using this eco-friendly cleaning hack. 

Mix one-part baking soda and one-part water to form a paste. Gently rub the stain with the paste until it disappears. 

Cleans Stains from Furniture 

Leather furniture can be a challenge to clean as the fabric is delicate and cannot be scrubbed. To effectively remove stains from leather furniture, mix white vinegar and water in a spray bottle and use a soft cloth to buff the stain away. 

For fabric furnishings, remove stains the green way by mixing a solution of washing soap, water, and vinegar and using a soft brush or sponge to coax the stain out of the fibers. Avoid aggressive scrubbing as it can damage the fabric and leave behind a noticeable patch. 

Eco-friendly Carpet Deodorizer

Leave vacuuming for last, as all the cleaning you’ve done thus far has likely released dust into the air that has settled on the floor. Before you vacuum, however, sprinkle a light dusting of baking soda over the carpet and let it sit for 10 minutes or so to eliminate unpleasant odors within the fibers. Finally, vacuum the carpet to enjoy a dust-free, freshened atmosphere. 

The sustainable cleaning tips above are a great start to creating an eco-friendly environment in your home. For more green cleaning tips, do a Google search to reveal a multitude of sustainable household cleaning hacks.