Keep your Garage Tidy with These Storage Solutions

Many people like to use the garage for storage. It can be somewhat challenging, however, as this space lacks any real furniture for organizing anything. If you’d like to use the extra space in your garage for storage, here are several storage options you may want to consider to keep the space neat and clean. 

Keep in mind that none of these suggestions will work to store everything and you’ll likely need a combination of storage solutions to declutter and organize your garage. 

Cabinets, Counters, and Drawers

Some people like to install cabinets, drawers, and countertops just like you’d see in a kitchen. Having several storage options like these give you plenty of room to store all kinds of objects out of sight. It’s important to consider how you use the garage, however, as these solutions take up valuable wall space and can be quite expensive to install. 

Loft Storage

The space between the ceiling and the roof of your garage is ideal for storing large items or items you don’t use often. While many people simply place these kinds of items in the rafters, you can purchase wire garage lofts that hang about four feet from the ceiling to store your things long-term. 

Alternately, you can make your own loft storage out of wood, too. The sky – or the roof – is the limit with this type of garage storage. 

Specialized Storage Solutions

If you look hard enough, you’re sure to find a specialized storage rack for just about anything. From bike and ball racks to racks for gardening supplies and more, you can organize everything in your garage on or in a specialized rack, shelf, or cabinet. While most people opt not to spend extra money on special storage solutions for these things, if you’re passionate about something, you may want to invest in the ideal way to store it for the ultimate protection and ease of use. 

Metal Shelving Units

You’ve probably seen them. These are the multi] purpose, heavy-duty shelving units that can hold just about anything from hand tools to motor oil and beyond. The beauty of this type of garage storage solution is that they take up less space than some of the other suggestions as they are typically only about 12-18 inches deep. 


Pegboard is an ideal garage storage solution as you can organize and store just about anything on it, keeping everything within sight and easy reach. You can store tools, bikes, garden equipment, etc. on sturdy hooks secured within the holes of the pegboard. Lining your garage walls with pegboard gives you a way to utilize a space that’s typically ignored as a storage solution. 

The garage is full of space that can be used for storage, and with the right furnishings, you can utilize it in an organized way. Consider the storage solutions above if you’d like to utilize your garage’s storage potential.