How to Secure Your Home When You Go on Vacation

Did you know that home burglaries occur more frequently in the vacation? It’s true. According to the DOJ (Department of Justice), home burglaries increase by 10 percent during the vacation period. 

This just so happens to be the same time most families head out on vacation, too.  Coincidence? 

We think not. If you’re planning a vacation, you need to take steps to secure your home properly so you can enjoy the time away. Here are a few tips to help with that. 

Make Sure You Lock Every Door and Window

Many burglars claim they gain entry into homes through unlocked doors and windows. A few weeks before you’re scheduled to leave for vacation, check every window and door to make sure their locking mechanisms are functioning properly and repair any that aren’t. On the day of departure, go around and double-check that every entry point into your home is locked. 

Install a Security System

You can decrease your chances of a break-in while on vacation by up to 300 percent by installing a home security system. Not only will you be able to monitor your property remotely while you’re gone, but your insurance company will likely give you a discount that can help you pay for your vacation. 

Protect Your Garage, Too

Many homeowners forget that the garage is part of the home, too. As such, the garage is often the focus of many home break-ins. To secure your garage, install motion detector lights around its exterior and make sure all doors and windows are securely locked. Hide any valuables that may be inside and remove any garage door openers from vehicles parked in the driveway. 

Use Timers for Lights 

You can deter would-be criminals by making your home look as if someone is home all the time. You can do this by plugging your home’s lights into timers that randomly turn them on and off throughout the day and night. Avoid using timers that turn lights on and off at the same time each day as thieves will be able to tell the lights are on timers and not being turned on by actual people. 

Get Rid of “Hidden” Keys

If you usually have a house key hidden under the doormat or in a potted plant nearby, remove them while you’re away as many thieves use hidden keys to gain entry. Alternatively, you can also install keyless entry locks that do away with the need for keys altogether. 

Let Your Neighbors Know You’ll Be Gone

If you get along well with your neighbors, let them know you’ll be leaving for vacation and give them a number where you can be reached. Tell them of anyone that may be visiting your home while you’re away such as a dog walker and have them notify the police and you if they notice any unusual activity while you’re away. 

Arrange for Lawn Care

An overgrown yard is a sure sign that you’re out of town, so arrange for someone to maintain your lawn while you’re away.