Using Layered Pattern And Color For Texture In Your Home

If you know anything at all about design and décor, you likely already know that introducing layers of texture can add interest and dimension to any room. 

With that said, introducing texture into a space can be a bit overwhelming as it encompasses every surface in the room. From furnishings and wall décor to window treatments and floor coverings, getting all these textures to play like a symphony can be challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

If you’d like to bring texture into your home, the following tips can help you design your space like a pro. 

Say Yes to Rugs

You can add instant tactility to the floor itself by putting down a rug or two. This is especially true if you choose rugs with fringe, tassels, or other dramatic features that draw the eye and create interest. You get bonus points if you layer rugs for an even more dramatic effect. 

Add Natural Elements and Greenery

Natural elements and greenery do wonders in an indoor space. Not only do they lend a calming, natural feel, but they can also help make the air in the room cleaner and fresher, too. 

Try adding a decorative bowl of shells or seedpods on a tabletop or placing a standing vase in the corner with tall pampas grass in it. You can also bring air-purifying plants into your home with varying shades of green and leaf shapes for even more nature-inspired vibes. 

Embrace Imperfection

Don’t be afraid of things that aren’t perfect. Furniture with knots in the wood, bumpy surfaces that denote a handmade vibe – these are things that add texture and interest to a space. Embrace them and build your décor around them as they will demand center stage. 

Bring in Patterns

Any surface that’s covered in a pattern will feel textural even if it isn’t raised. Too many patterned surfaces can be overwhelming or feel busy, so start small and build upon the patterned look little by little. 

Use Natural Fibers Rather than Synthetic Ones

There’s something about natural fibers that add depth to a room. Choose linens, timber, hides, leathers, and stone over synthetic materials because they add richness to the space and they smell great, too. 

Get Creative with Wall Décor

Go beyond the traditional art pieces and framed mirrors to bring interest and depth to plain, flat walls. Consider hanging tapestries, weavings, fabric, and wall-mounted planters to transform boring wall space into a lush, interesting display. 

Hang Curtains

An easy way to add texture and depth to any room is by hanging curtains or window blinds. You can further the natural feel by hanging simple linen drop curtains or textured woven blinds, both of which will add another layer that will soften the room.