3 Ways to Add Color to Your Rental

While renting is often cheaper and more flexible than owning a home, doing so usually comes with a very limiting lease that doesn’t allow you to express your more creative side. 

Most rental units come complete with drab paint jobs, unchangeable fixtures, and the threat of losing your security deposit if you change anything. However, just because your landlord won’t allow you to change anything doesn’t mean you can’t still express your personal style when you rent. Check out the ideas below for adding pops of color to your rental that doesn’t require any approval from the landlord. 

The Walls

So, you can’t paint the walls. Big deal. There are plenty of fun and creative ways to get your favorite colors on the walls of your rental. 

Try hanging removable wallpaper or decals or even a curtain or sheet in a pretty pattern. Alternately, you can find pieces of colorful artwork or, if you’re the artsy type, paint your own canvases and create a gallery wall that showcases your work. 

Your Furnishings

In a rental, the walls, flooring and other fixtures are often purposefully drab in color. Beiges, browns, and off-whites are usually the name of the game. You can punch up the color in your rental, however, by adding colorful pieces of furniture. 

Think bright yellow and coral in the kitchen, for example, to drown out the drab or go for a royal presentation by purchasing a sofa or chair in sapphire or emerald. 

If you don’t have a lot of money to spend on buying new furniture, turn to your DIY side and make your own. Shop local thrift stores for sturdy pieces that you can upholster or paint yourself to brighten the look and feel of your rental. 


While it’s common to want to stay with neutral colors on windows and floors, try stepping outside the box with some brightly colored curtains or rugs to bring a fresh, colorful appeal to your rental. 

If your bedroom feels blah, avoid the usual and go for something that pops. Think trendy and look for bedding in shades of coral, sunflower, or tangerine. On the other hand, if you wish to create a relaxing oasis in your bedroom, go for calming colors like indigo, sage or lavender. 

Just because you live in a rented space that doesn’t allow you to change anything doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy the color and brightness you crave. By hanging colorful pieces of artwork on the walls, bringing in punchy pieces of furniture, and adding bright textiles throughout your rental, you can have all the color you want without ever touching a drop of paint. 

Moderation is key to pulling off these color-adding ideas. Choose just one or two of your favorite shades (and variations of these hues) and strategically place the pops of color rather than bringing in every color of the rainbow for the best result. You’ll love how the décor looks and your landlord will be happy you didn’t change a thing.