Save Money by Making These Home Repairs Yourself

Making repairs to your home can be expensive, especially if you need to hire a professional. While not everyone possesses the skills necessary to make home repairs themselves, there are some maintenance repairs you can DIY if you’re so inclined. 

If you’re the DIY type and know your way around the Internet to find help, you can probably make the following home repairs yourself. 

A Leaky Pipe

Leaks in pipes can come from a number of causes. If the leak is near the P-trap, it’s likely the slip-nut needs a good tightening. If the leak is coming from a hole in the pipe, simply install a flexible coupling with hose clamps to fix it. If the leak seems to be coming from a pipe inside a wall, it’s best to contact a plumber rather than tackle the issue yourself. 

Painting Your Home

This home maintenance project isn’t for the faint of heart as you’ll likely be working from a ladder and sometimes the roof in order to do the job right. Having said that, if you’re not afraid of heights and you can safely maneuver the equipment you’ll need, there’s no reason you can’t DIY this task yourself. 

If, however, there are areas that are too high or too difficult to reach, you should call in a professional. There’s no reason to jeopardize your safety just to save a buck. 

Clearing a Clogged Garbage Disposal

Clearing a clogged garbage disposal is usually as easy as using a specialty tool that fits into the hexagonal opening underneath the disposal. Of course, it’s important to make sure the disposal is turned off before beginning this task. 

If this method fails to fix the issue, it’s a good idea to call in a professional repairman. 

Replacing a Faucet

Replacing a standard kitchen or bathroom faucet is a good DIY job for any homeowner. Simply follow the manufacturer’s instructions. However, if the faucet has several hoses and attachments on the underside, you may want to consider calling in a plumber for assistance. 

Fixing a Running Toilet

Anyone can fix a running toilet by purchasing a toilet rebuild kit from their local home improvement store. These kits are pretty straight-forward with easy-to-follow instructions, so most DIYers should feel comfortable making this repair. 

Patching Holes in Drywall

You can make drywall look fresh and new by filling in nail holes. Simply purchase some lightweight spackle and a putty knife. Fill in the holes and scrape away the excess. When the spackle dries, use a bit of sandpaper to sand the areas smooth. At this point, the wall is ready for a fresh coat of paint. 

For larger holes, a more involved patch job is needed. This may require the assistance of a professional if you aren’t sure how to tackle it. 

As a homeowner, you are all about saving money, especially when it comes to making repairs and maintenance. If you’re the DIY type, the list above includes several home repairs you can probably make yourself.