How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Old Couch

The average life span of a couch is 7 to 15 years. With that said, there are plenty of people who choose to replace their couches long before they wear out because they simply want something new. Of course, there are those that choose to only replace their old couch when the arms fall off and the cushions are flatter than pancakes. 

In this post, you’ll discover there’s a happy medium between the two scenarios above: somewhere between “still usable” and “ready for the landfill.” Check out these warning signs that it might be time to replace your couch. 

The Couch Doesn’t Fit

Since couches have such long lifespans, it’s common for an old couch to not fit a new living space. For example, you may have bought a small loveseat for your tiny post-college apartment but now it looks small and pitiful in your large new living room. Or, you may have recently downsized and that large, overstuffed couch you loved so much in your big house now just makes the room look cramped. 

The Couch Groans When You Sit On it

If your couch creaks, pops, or otherwise complains when you sit or lie on it, that could be a sign that its structural integrity is in question. The problem could be weakening joints or worn-out springs, but either way, it’s probably time to start thinking of replacing your couch. 

The Cushions Are Flat And Lifeless

If lying on the floor seems more comfortable than lying on the pancake-like couch cushions, it’s time to make some changes. You can either replace the entire couch or, if the cushion covers can be easily removed, you can replace the cushion material to get a little more life out of your old couch. 

Your Couch Is Itchy Or Smelly

Furniture fabrics can absorb and hold onto odors over time. So, unless you’ve kept all pets, children, and sweaty bodies off your couch all these years, it’s likely your couch is a tad smelly. If your living room just doesn’t smell fresh – even after you just cleaned – it’s probably time for a new couch. 

The fabric on your couch probably wasn’t itchy when you bought it, but if you wake up from a nap all itchy or there are red welts on your body after lying or sitting on the couch, it could be infested with bedbugs, which is the perfect time to replace it. 

Your Decorating Style Has Changed

Your taste may change over time, so if that floral print sofa looks a bit dated now, it’s time to consider replacing it. Don’t feel bad about it. Just donate the old couch and get something that’s more your style now. 

The Fabric Looks Worn

Daily use, especially by kids and pets, can wear the upholstery on a couch out quickly. If your couch’s fabric looks worn, frayed, stained, or otherwise well-used, replacing the couch is the best option as having it reupholstered will likely cost you just as much as a new couch. 

If you’ve grown tired of your old couch or it simply doesn’t fit the size or décor of the room anymore, it might be time to replace it.