Why You Should Build a Fence Around Your Property

Your home is your safe place. It’s where you feel the most comfortable and secure, and where you play, relax, and entertain – depending on the day. Your home is many things to you and your family, and with one major upgrade – a fence – you can improve it tenfold. 

Here are several reasons to consider building a fence around your property. 

Security and Privacy

One of the biggest reasons many homeowners decide to build a fence is for more security and privacy in and around their homes. Even the best neighborhoods can fall victim to break-ins, and if you have close neighbors, privacy can be minimal. 

Whether it’s a perimeter fence for security or a wood fence for privacy, be sure to check homeowner’s association regulations for fencing, as these organizations can be strict when it comes to height and materials used. 

Legal Boundaries

Neighbors don’t always get along, in which case, erecting a fence can define clear, legal boundaries between two properties. If you’re considering a fence to separate your property from a neighbor’s, be sure to have your land surveyed and let your neighbor know your plans before beginning construction. 

Property Values

Building a fence around your property increases its value, plain and simple. Your neighbors may welcome the addition for this very reason, as it signals you will probably be around for a long, long time. In fact, in an effort to “keep up with the Joneses,” they may even follow suit with a fence of their own. 

There’s an old saying that goes, “Good fences make good neighbors,” and it holds true to this day. 

Home Insurance Premiums

From a home insurance standpoint, the less of a liability your home is, the lower the insurance premium you’ll have to pay. By installing a fence around your home, you increase its security, automatically making it less of a liability. 

Furthermore, if you plan to have a pool in your backyard, building a fence will help keep your insurance premiums lower as pools are huge liabilities in insurance companies’ eyes. 

Animals and Children

Homes located near woodland areas or in a country setting often have all sorts of wildlife roaming their properties day and night. From rabbits and deer to raccoons and even coyotes, these creatures can get into garbage and leave behind messes no homeowner likes to clean up. 

Building a fence can help keep these animals out of your yard. There are even some fence companies that specialize in erecting fences designed to keep wildlife out without harming them. 

Alternatively, a fence can also keep your pets and children safely inside, so the benefit works both ways. 

Building a fence is a big project, but as you can see, there are many benefits to making this addition to your property.