How to Sell Your Small Home’s Best Features

If you’re planning to sell your home soon and think it doesn’t stand a chance of selling quickly because of its small size, think again. Today’s homebuyer is looking for smaller homes. The average home size is shrinking as most budgets can’t accommodate the expense of owning a large, sprawling home. 

So, if your home is on the smaller side, how do you play up its best features? Here’s how. 

Lower Costs

Your smaller home’s greatest feature is the fact that it costs less to own it. Utilities cost less each month and property taxes are lower thanks to its smaller lot. Be sure to include these aspects in brochures and online ads for your home to attract budget-minded buyers. 

Easy to Maintain

Due to its smaller size, your home is easier to maintain. Mowing the lawn takes no time at all, and when it comes to watering, it doesn’t require much. If your home has any new systems (air conditioning, furnace, appliances, etc.), highlight these as well as homebuyers look favorably on these as it means no maintenance and/or warranty coverage. 


If your home has any eco-friendly features, be sure to make it known. Place signs on eco-friendly appliances, the hot water heater, and special insulation that save money and are kind to the planet. Also, get rid of any old paint cans you have sitting around before you show the house. If your home isn’t all that “green,” focus instead on it being low maintenance and cost-effective instead. 

Let It Be Known that There Is Enough Space

With many homebuyers looking to cut back on expenses and extra space, you need to show them that your smaller home has plenty of space for their needs. You can do this in a few different ways. 

  • Let there be light – Open all the window shades and allow as much light as possible to flood the home. The more light there is, the larger the rooms seem. 
  • Get rid of clutter – Clutter has a way of making even the largest room feel cramped and small. Before you begin showing your home, get rid of the clutter. Rent a storage unit or donate/throw out anything that isn’t necessary to make each room appear larger. 
  • Let buyers know there’s plenty to do – If your home is close to amenities and entertainment, be sure to let buyers know this, too. Selling the location is just as important as selling the home. 

At the end of the day, many homebuyers are looking to downsize and save money. Your smaller home may be just what they’re looking for. Use the tips above to sell them on your smaller home to sell it quickly.