How to Clean Your House on the Cheap

Saving money is on everyone’s minds these days as the cost of living seems to rise almost daily. Whether you’ve fallen on hard times or you simply want to keep more cash in your wallet, here are several cleaning hacks to try that will help you save money. 

Use Dish Soap and Water to Clean 

Many cleaning tasks around the house can be completed using just mild dish soap and plain water. This solution is safe for use on most surfaces and is effective enough to remove even stubborn stains. Use dish soap to pre-treat laundry stains, clean windows, remove stains from carpet, wash fruits and veggies, and for most general-purpose cleaning tasks in any room of the house. 

Clean Daily

Cleaning daily cuts down on the need for stronger, harsher, more expensive cleaners. If you wipe up and tend to spills and stains immediately, you can usually get by with a simple water/dish soap solution and a little elbow grease. 

Create a daily cleaning schedule that keeps you on track, so you spend less on cleaning equipment and supplies in the long run. 

Buy Store Brands Rather than Name Brands

We know you like the brands you use, but if you have never tried the store brand equivalent, you could be missing out on big savings. Most store brands work just as well as or sometimes better than their name brand counterparts. By switching to store brand cleaning products, you could save 40 percent or more on your grocery bill. 

Be a Couponer

Before heading out to the store to buy cleaning supplies, take a look in the Sunday paper, or use an online coupon site to find coupons that will save you money. Spending just a few minutes searching for and clipping coupons can add up to big savings at the register, especially if your store offers double coupons or has in-store specials that you can combine with your coupon savings. 

Simplify Your Cleaning Supplies

Taking a walk down the cleaning supply aisle at the store gives the impression that there’s a cleaner for every purpose. There’s one for cleaning toilets and one for cleaning countertops. Then, there’s one for cleaning windows as well as one for cleaning sinks. If you bought a cleaner for every purpose, you’d spend a fortune and your cleaning cupboard would be overflowing! 

To simplify your cleaning supplies and save money at the same time, choose cleaners that can multi-task. Look for the words, “all-purpose,” “multi-purpose,” or “general-purpose” to find ones that can be used to clean multiple things. 

Use Reusable Mops and Cloths

As convenient and tempting as it is to use disposable mop heads and paper towels to clean your home, it’s much cheaper to use reusable options instead. When you can use, wash, and then reuse a mop or cloth, you not only save yourself money, but you also save the planet, too. 

Hopefully, this list helps you realize there are many ways to save money while cleaning. Try one or all of the suggestions above to keep more money in your wallet.