How To Remodel Your Kitchen With A Modern Flair

Does your kitchen feel a bit outdated and boring? Does it feature oak cabinets, laminate countertops, and basic appliances? If your kitchen could use a facelift, consider the modern style tips below. 

The Cabinets

Lighter is better in terms of cabinet color. White is a good choice as it lets you play around with other colors elsewhere in the room. For an intriguing and fun look, consider painting the upper cabinets white and the lower cabinets a darker color that complements the walls. 

The Floor

The flooring in your kitchen is something you can play around with as well since the palette in the room will be light and bright, you can afford to be a little crazy here. Choose a busy pattern, in the colors that complement the rest of your décor. While the busy pattern may make you nervous, you’ll be glad you chose it once the room is finished. 


Those old laminate countertops aren’t doing your new kitchen any favors. Consider replacing them with butcher block countertops instead, if your budget allows, that is. Add floating shelves in the same hue as the butcher block counters, to create a cohesive look throughout the space. 

The Walls and Backsplash

To bring the look together, you’ll want to paint the walls in white or as close to white as you can. Any backsplash you install should also be white or as close to white as possible to create a clean, streamlined look that’s modern and fresh. 

The Little Details

If your kitchen features an island, consider removing the toe-kick to reveal the feet beneath. This will provide a unique look that’s fun and different. Also, consider adding little details like towel bars and S hooks to hang dish towels and potholders on for functional décor. 

If your kitchen is feeling a bit dated and boring, give it a modern upgrade using some or all the ideas listed above. The result will be a clean, fresh vibe that’s beautiful and functional.