Why Small Spaces Are Often The Best Spaces

As the price of housing continues to climb, many people find themselves living in smaller homes and apartments than they’d like. As a result, it’s common for small-space dwellers to look for ways to maximize their limited room. It can be challenging and frustrating, but ultimately, there are advantages to living in small quarters, and we’ve listed several of them below. 

Small Spaces Are Super Cozy

Cozy is often a word realtors use to put a positive spin on cramped, but the truth is, small spaces tend to be a lot cozier feeling than spacious rooms. For example, candles and recessed lighting have a grander effect on the ambiance in a small space compared to an open, spacious one. 

Also, when you only have so much space, you tend to focus on décor and furnishings that make you happy, so the space is more personal and enjoyable. Plus, it’s easy to switch out the décor for something fresh and different when you tire of it. 

Small Spaces Tend To Be More Organized

When you live in limited quarters, you’re more inclined to identify things that you no longer use, like, or need, making it easier to get rid of the clutter and stay organized. You come up with clever ways to hide and store things, so your space stays tidy and clutter-free. 

Small Spaces Are Cheaper To Decorate

Spacious, open spaces require thousands of dollars in furnishings and décor to make them feel warm and inviting. Small spaces, however, require fewer furniture pieces and less décor to achieve a cozy vibe. You’ll save money, which means you can purchase more candles and other accents to dress up your space. 

Small Spaces Are Less Stressful

Living in a small home or apartment can be less stressful overall as it encourages a minimalist approach to life to keep the space neat. Minimalism is almost a must when you live in a tiny apartment, so if you do, you’re likely more at ease than the sprawling home dwellers around you. 

Small Spaces Are Easier To Clean And Keep Clean

This is probably the biggest advantage of living in a small apartment or home. It’s easier to clean and keep it that way. In larger homes, it can take hours to organize and deep clean a space, whereas you can clean an entire small apartment in the same amount of time or less and be able to enjoy some fun with the extra time on your hands. 

Small Spaces Are More Sustainable

Both financially and environmentally, small spaces are more sustainable. If you look at the utility bill for a 3,000 sq. ft home compared to a 1,500 sq. ft apartment, it’s easy to see the savings both on your wallet and on the planet. 

Small Spaces Are Easy To Personalize

Your space should be a reflection of you, but your personal style can get lost in a large home with lots of space to fill. In a small space, however, it’s easy to fill the space with things you love and enjoy, so it always feels like a place you want to spend time in rather than a museum.