Questions and Answers about Senior Living Apartments

Senior living apartments are designed to accommodate the unique needs of the senior generation. From less house upkeep to assistance with transportation and meal prep, these communities help older adults live normal, healthy lives in their golden years. While some senior communities feature single-family homes or condos, most are in the form of apartment buildings that include amenities seniors find appealing. 

If you’re thinking of moving into a senior living apartment, here are some questions – asked and answered – to help you make the decision. 

Should I Buy or Rent a Senior Living Apartment?

While some senior living communities do offer buy and rent options, you’d be better off renting because there is less responsibility if you do. When you buy, you are responsible for making a down payment as well as an entry fee. Also, you may be responsible for some upkeep as well. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Senior Living Apartment?

Rental rates vary from complex to complex, so it’s important to shop around and compare prices. Also, some amenities may be included in the base rent, while others are extra. Find out what’s included and decide which senior apartment is worth the money. 

Who are the Neighbors?

As a resident of senior living apartments, you’ll get to know your neighbors well. In fact, part of the charm and appeal of senior living is the group events and activities they host to keep seniors active and engaged. 

Before moving in, get to know your neighbors a little bit, and if the community offers it, make a temporary stay as a guest first before committing. 

How Well Do the Senior Living Apartment Handle Emergencies?

Being that the community is designed for the senior population, there is bound to be emergencies from time to time. Check to see how the community handles such emergencies and whether it can tend to your own medical needs properly. 

What Facilities and Activities are Available in Senior Living?

The idea of senior living apartments is to keep older adults busy and active, so they don’t get lonely or isolated. Find out what kind of facilities or activities the community offers and whether they are ones you’ll be interested in taking part in or not.

For example, you’ll likely have access to yoga sessions, library facilities, church services, and more. 

What About Transportation?

Getting older often means your ability to drive safely diminishes. This means you have to rely on others for your transportation needs. Senior living apartments usually offer some form of transportation with the base rental, so be sure to inquire about it as well as any extra costs incurred with such a service. 

The transportation services provided may be restricted to only certain days or only to certain places, so find out all you can if you require transportation while living in senior apartments. 

Senior living apartments are ideal for older adults who wish to stay independent and active. Be sure to ask these and any other questions you may have when interviewing senior living communities for your future home.