Should I Rent A Loft Apartment?

When you’re looking for a new place to call home, you have a lot of options. From studio apartments to sprawling homes, your options are only limited by your lifestyle and your budget. If you’re looking for something to rent, consider a loft apartment. These rentals offer a few benefits you may not realize, and of course, a few downsides, too. Check them out below. 

What Is A Loft Apartment?

The traditional loft apartment is located inside an old industrial building turned rental apartments. These units often contain no internal walls (except for the bathroom, of course) and their one common room is quite spacious. Because loft apartments are located inside industrial buildings, they include high ceilings and exposed pipes and ductwork. 

Loft apartments are usually in high demand in urban areas, and although true loft apartments are located inside industrial buildings, new complexes are being built to mimic the loft apartment design to meet the increased demand. 

Some lofts may feature built-in bedrooms, which is a plus for roommate situations, and you may even find vertical staircases leading up to second levels of expansive space within the loft. 

Pros Of Renting A Loft Apartment

  1. Lots of space – Urban living doesn’t always afford spaciousness, but loft apartments do. The open-floor concept gives you plenty of room for decorating and creating individual spaces for work, relaxation, or play, and the high ceilings give the space an even bigger feel. 
  2. Trendy style – The modern, industrial style is trendy right now, which loft apartments have naturally. 
  3. Flexibility – Traditional apartments leave little room for versatility in how to use their rooms. Bedrooms are bedrooms, living rooms are living rooms, etc. In a loft apartment, the expansive space can be divided and used any way you want. All you need is a little imagination and creativity to make the space your own. 

Cons Of Renting A Loft Apartment

  1. Lack of storage – Despite their expansive square footage, lofts don’t come with a lot of closets or other storage space. You’ll need to make your own with wardrobes, dressers, and other containers to store your belongings, which increases the cost of loft living. 
  2. Lack of amenities – Because lofts are built inside old industrial buildings and everything must be converted as such, it’s not common to find amenities common in traditional apartment buildings. Gyms, roof decks, storage, and club rooms aren’t readily available in loft apartment living, and if they are, rent is usually much higher.
  3. Higher utility costs – Industrial buildings turned loft apartments may be charming, but they usually come with higher utility costs. Outdated pipes and ductwork and high ceilings can make for higher energy costs, and loft apartment landlords aren’t excited about making upgrades since they don’t have to pay the bills themselves. 

When searching for a new home to rent in urban areas, you may want to consider a loft apartment. Charming and spacious, these apartments are in high demand in urban areas. Be sure to consider their pros and cons to decide whether this type of rental is right for your lifestyle and budget.