Paint Colors to Win Over Homebuyers

Homebuyers notice many things as soon as they walk through the doors of your home. One big thing is the color on the walls. While most experts agree that neutral colors create a blank slate that enables buyers to envision themselves and their belongings in your home, other colors can also be used to win over prospective homebuyers. 

Take a look at the list of colors below and consider the message each one gives off before painting your home for sale. 


Red is a strong color that stimulates the mind. Often used in restaurants to stimulate appetite, it can leave a negative impression with homebuyers, so think twice before choosing a red shade for your home. 

Pink is an alternative to red that is soothing and incites understanding, but since it’s usually used as a feminine color, it might turn male homebuyers off. 


Blue is a good color in a home because it has a positive effect on the mind. Deep shades of blue can increase concentration while light blue shades promote calmness and relaxation. Aqua, another shade of blue, can help you clear your mind so you can think more clearly. 


Bright and sunny, yellow is known to boost focus and intelligence. Just use it sparingly, though, because bright shades can overwhelm and divert buyers when used on a large wall or an entire room. 


Fun and creative, orange signifies celebration and youthfulness. It can make you feel more confident and cheerful, but if used excessively, it might distract buyers.


Purple has a royal connotation, especially when deeper shades of the color are used. Many kings, queens, celebrities, and other elite persons like to use the color throughout their homes as a sign of prosperity and dignity. 

Lighter shades of purple such as lavender and violet foster humanity and encourage connectivity. 


Shades of green are a great choice for painting a home as they promote a feeling of prosperity and wellbeing in terms of health and finances. Interested buyers who come into your home may get a rejuvenating feeling of health, life, and stability with green on the walls. As with any color, however, avoid using too much of a bright shade if you want to impress potential homebuyers. 

 If you want to go with a neutral shade, that’s fine. Just avoid stark white as it’s considered a bright color that can overwhelm buyers. If you want to spice your home up with a bit of color, however, use the information above to find the perfect color that will attract homebuyers.