6 Home Updates Worth Considering

1. Heated Floors

Sure, slippers were invented for a reason, but once you’ve lived in a home with heated floors, you’ll throw every single pair you own in the trash. 

Heated floors are more than just a luxury. They are energy-efficient and help lower your heating bills in the winter. While the initial expense might sound like a lot, heated floors pay for themselves via your energy savings in a very short time. 

2. Dimmer Switches

Installing dimmer switches in your home is probably the cheapest upgrade on this list. However, don’t underestimate the impact it will have. You’ll be surprised at how much changing the lighting in a room can change the ambiance instantly. If you hate how harsh your overhead lighting is, try installing a dimmer switch and see how warm and cozy the room becomes. 

3.  A Mudroom

Having a functional mudroom is something that many people overlook. This room is especially helpful when it’s situated between the house and the garage. A mudroom is meant to get a little messy, so whether someone is coming home from the gym, coming in from the garden, or shoveling snow, the mudroom catches all the dirt and mess before it enters your home. 

4. A Finished Basement

If the basement in your home is unfinished, it may seem like the only thing it’s good for is storage. Give the space a little TLC, however, and it’ll change the way you live in your home forever. 

A finished basement gives everyone extra space to live the way they want. If you add separate rooms down there, it’ll open up even more possibilities for its use. 

5. Upper-Level Laundry

Sure, having a dedicated laundry room is nice, but having one on the second floor right outside the bedrooms? Priceless! 

Doing laundry is so much easier since there’s no need to lug heavy loads of laundry up and down the stairs. 

6. Double Sinks in the Bathroom

Once you’ve experienced the convenience of a double sink, you’ll never be able to go back to a single again. Having a double sink in the bathroom makes sharing the space with a partner or roommate tolerable, especially when it comes to coordinating spit and rinse cycles while brushing. If you have the space, installing a double sink in your master bath is definitely worth considering. 

Many smart homeowners make upgrades to their homes. Unfortunately, not all upgrades are worth the time or expense you put in. Avoid luxury upgrades that require a lot of maintenance (like the hot tub) and instead, focus on projects like the ones mentioned above that are totally worth the consideration.