How To Decorate A Small Deck Or Patio To Get The Most Out Of The Space

Your outdoor space might be limited real estate, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as functional and as lovely as you want it to be. From small furnishings to cleverly placed décor, your small deck or patio can be the outdoor space you love spending time in. 

Consider How You Want to Use the Space

A small deck or patio may not be suitable for multitasking, so think about how you’d most like to use the space. Do you want to use it for dining or just conversation? Once you’ve figured out how the space will be used, look for furnishings and other accents that lend to that end. 

Will You Entertain?

If you’re planning to entertain on your deck or patio, be sure to choose furnishings that can do double duty. For example, a dining table can double as a buffet table for outdoor gatherings. 

Lightweight furniture with narrow profiles takes up less space and can be moved as needed to accommodate many different kinds of gatherings. 

Will Your Deck be a Conversation Space?

If you want to create an atmosphere conducive to conversation on your deck, choose comfortable furniture gathered around a central coffee table. Make sure it’s easy for guests to navigate around the table and outside the chairs to make the area inviting and convenient. To make the area feel light and open, look for patio furniture that features an open woven armless design. 

Consider Privacy for Your Outdoor Space

Keep nosey neighbors and other prying eyes from your get-togethers by adding lattice to your deck or patio. You can train climbing vines to grow up the lattice to further increase the privacy factor. 

Add Built-in Seating

Built-in seating takes up less room than individual chairs. For example, a bench built into the deck railing provides ample seating without taking up much real estate on your small deck. 

Use Color Strategically

Bright colors can bring big life to a small outdoor space. Consider using pops of bright, bold colors to give your deck a big personality. If your outdoor furniture is showing signs of wear, breathe new life into it by applying a fresh coat of paint in a fun color for a cheerful outdoor space. 

Add Live Plants

Indoors and out, live plants bring life and ambiance to any space. On your small deck, they add character and interest to the space. Place planters in corners or on railings for a nice touch, or if there isn’t much room on the deck itself, add a planter or two on the steps, making sure there’s enough room to get by them safely when using the stairs. 

Add an Outdoor Rug

Bring your deck or small patio all together by adding an outdoor rug. Make sure it’s made of material that can withstand the elements and is easy to clean and choose a patterned rug that brings interest to the space. A great-fitting colorful rug on a small deck or patio ties the décor of the space together and gives it an interior-like feel.