How to Create an Outdoor Cooking Area

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy the great outdoors with friends and family. Once the temperatures start to rise, no one likes to spend time slaving over a hot stove in the house, so now’s the time to create that outdoor kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you have a lot of money to spend on the project, or you’re allowing yourself to splurge a little, use the tips below to build an outdoor cooking area where you can enjoy life while entertaining friends and family. 

Upgrade Your Grill

A rusty old grill doesn’t inspire fun summer nights, so make upgrading your grill a priority in this project. You can spend a lot or a little on a new grill, so first consider how you’ll be using it to help you get the right grill for your outdoor kitchen. 

If you’ll be entertaining large groups, consider a large grill with side burners for keeping food warm while you cook. If it’ll just be your immediate family most of the time, you won’t need such an elaborate grill, which will save you some money. 

Invest in Appropriate Seating

The second biggest expense of your outdoor kitchen upgrade is the seating. If you plan to dine outdoors often, you’ll want to invest in a patio table and chairs that make it comfortable to do so. 

You’ll likely spend a pretty penny on quality outdoor furniture, so make sure you have a plan for the off-season, whether that be indoor storage or covering it with tarps to protect it from the elements until next summer. 

Consider the Extras

Want to take your outdoor kitchen to the next level? While you probably don’t have enough room for an entire chef’s kitchen, a few extras like a wine fridge, smoker, prep sink, or an ice machine can really enhance your outdoor cooking space. 

Think about Comfort

Your outdoor kitchen can be quite an entertainment space with just a little consideration to comfort. For example, if you want to extend the usability factor of your outdoor cooking space, consider installing a fireplace to add warmth and ambiance. 

Another consideration: TV and/or music. If you can swing it, install an entertainment system so you can host the ultimate movie night with good food, good entertainment, and good friends. 

Your outdoor kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending time in. Whether it’s to unwind after a hard day or to entertain guests, make the space yours by adding your own style and personality in the décor. Try adding one or two luxuries you look forward to enjoying every time you use your outdoor cooking area.