How To Organize Your Whole House One Day At A Time

An organized home can greatly reduce stress levels and make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. If your home is in a state of chaos most days, getting it organized could seem like an impossible task. Luckily, we’ve put together a guide designed to help you get the job done quickly and easily. It’s easy to organize your entire house if you just take it one day at a time. 

Start In The Garage

The garage is a great place to start because it’s commonly the most disorganized in most homes. Install some pegboard on the wall and insert tool hooks into the holes. Hang your most-often used tools and draw outlines around them with a permanent marker. 

This system lets everyone know where the tools belong and can alert you to ones that have gone missing 

A Time-Saving Laundry Tip

The laundry room is another area of the home that is usually in disarray. To save time and make the room a little more organized, give each family member their own basket. Put each person’s name on their respective baskets and have them tote the baskets to and from their rooms themselves. 

On laundry day, have everyone bring their baskets full of dirty clothes to the laundry room. When the laundry is done, have them return to take their baskets full of clean clothes back to their rooms. 

Organize The Kitchen

A kitchen is a busy place. We do a lot of things in the kitchen. From cooking and eating to homework and more, this room sees a lot of activity all day long. 

To keep the kitchen in an orderly manner, designate separate areas for different activities. For example, create a lunch prep station using a rolling cart complete with a cutting board, knife, snacks, bread, and anything else you might put in a to-go lunch. 

Start A Family Manual

It can be hard keeping multiple family members all organized and on-task all the time, so start a family manual that spells everything out for everyone. You don’t need to create it all in one day, but rather, you can add to it as you need to when important things arise.

For example, your family manual should include things like emergency phone numbers, fire escape plans, caregivers’ names and contact info, etc. As new important things come to light, you can add them to the manual for the entire family to reference as they need to. 

Give The Kids Some Responsibility

If you live with young kids, picking up their toys is probably a dreaded task. To help take something off your plate and teach your little ones some responsibility, teach them to pick up their toys themselves. 

Make the task of picking up their toys fun by separating different types of toys into colorful bins designated for specific types of toys. For example, the red bin could be for Legos while the blue one is for cars. Make a game of it by challenging your kids to a timed Pick-up contest to see who can do it the fastest. 

These are but a few ideas to help you get your house organized quickly and easily. Try to tackle one task each day to make the arduous job of organizing your entire house seem less overwhelming.