Organization Ideas for Small Spaces

Small spaces like an entryway hallway, mudroom, or vestibule can seem like chaotic messes when the family piles their coats, boots, shoes, and sports equipment in the tiny area on their way into the house. Since this is likely the main entry point that all your guests use when they visit, the clutter doesn’t make a very good impression. 

To help you clear the clutter and stifle the chaos, we’ve put together a few clever hacks designed to clean up the space and make it more pleasant to be in. 

Invest In A Shoe Bench

If you’re inclined to ask family and friends to take their shoes off when entering your home, it only makes sense to have a shoe bench in which to place their shoes until they put them on again. Placing a shoe bench in the entryway gives everyone a place to sit to put their shoes back on again, and it keeps the area neat and tidy. 

Whether you build one yourself or buy one, this hack is a must for a clutter-free entryway. 

Hang a Mirror

Hanging a mirror in an entryway hallway serves two purposes. First, it gives you a chance to double-check your appearance before you head out the door (this way you won’t miss that syrup that dribbled down the front of your shirt at breakfast) and it will make the tiny space appear bigger and brighter. 

Add A Welcome Mat

You may already have a welcome mat outside the door to wipe your feet but having one inside the door as well is a good idea. This area of your home sees a lot of foot traffic, which can wear out the flooring if you don’t protect it. Depending on the amount of space you have, a simple rectangle welcome mat may suffice. If your entryway is a hallway, you may want to consider a long hallway runner instead. 

Keep Essentials Handy

If there are things you use every day, make a space for them by the front door. For example, if you take Fido out for a daily walk, place a hook beside the door to hang his leash. If you never leave the house without your baby’s diaper bag, again, hang it by the door so it’s always ready when you are. 

Keep Coats In A Closet

Coat racks are convenient, but they can be an eyesore when everyone piles their outerwear atop of one another’s in their rush to get inside. Rather than deal with the chaos, make it a point to hang coats, jackets, hoodies, and the like in a nearby closet. 

If you don’t have an entryway closet, make it a point to keep just one coat per person on the coat rack and hang the rest in their perspective bedroom closets. 

The entryway is an important part of your home as it’s where your family and friends enter your home. As such an important area, it gets used – an abused – a lot, making it a cluttered and chaotic mess more often than not. To help you keep this small space organized and neat, follow the tips listed above.