Inspiring Patio Paver Ideas

Spending time outdoors is more important than ever now that COVID-19 is keeping most of us at home these days. As such, you may be thinking about revamping that old concrete patio out your back door or possibly building a brand new one where there was none before. Either way, it’s a tall order, but well worth the effort in terms of enjoyment and value. Before you head out to the home improvement store to gather your supplies, check out these modern patio paver design ideas. 

Concrete Pathway Pavers

For a modern patio that looks great and is easy to maintain, you can’t go wrong with simple concrete pavers placed evenly apart in a bed of pea gravel. The long lines and minimalistic vibe enable you to play with accents and other patio design elements as the pavers coordinate with just about everything. 

Full-Color Flagstone

There’s nothing quite as romantic and awe-inspiring than a full-color flagstone patio set up against a garden full of perennials. If you want something a little different and a lot more stunning, try building your backyard patio some distance from the home itself and plant sweeping, colorful flowers in between. If space permits, extend the flagstone patio out into the yard and landscape around it. 

A Zen Garden Patio

Are you looking for a relaxing spot that inspires serenity and calm? You can have that right in your backyard by using small pavers laid out in a circular pattern in a bed of crushed stone and sand. Create an edging of concrete to tie it all together and plant Blue Star Creeper along the edges. 

Chocolate Flagstone

If ever there were a perfect patio paver, chocolate flagstone has got to be it. With a glossy finish and the color of silky, decadent chocolate, it’s the perfect paver for that patio by the sea you’ve been meaning to create since you bought your coastal home. 

Bluestone Rectangles

Another modern patio design idea uses bluestone rectangles mortared together with concrete. This solid and durable patio has a timeless look and will be the location of many times spent with family and friends over the years. 

Walnut Pavers and Small Spaces

If your backyard is a tad on the small side, you may think it limiting in terms of patio design. The contrary is true, however, as small walnut-colored pavers and an eye for design can transform that tiny space into a backyard oasis. Furthermore, adding a patio table and chairs and a portable fire pit will give you plenty of reasons to spend time out there. 

If you’re planning to remodel your backyard patio or you want to build one where none was before, consider the design ideas above for inspiration.