Tips To Transform Your Bedroom In A Single Weekend

Just like everyone else, you’re probably spending more time at home these days. As such, you may have decided that your space could use a little upgrade. Below, we offer several tips to help you transform your bedroom in a single weekend. 

Get To Painting

While this may seem like a no-brainer, paint has a way of changing the look and feel of a space without breaking the bank. By simply applying a fresh coat of color to your bedroom walls, you completely change its vibe. Just be sure to apply paint samples to different parts of the walls to determine how the color looks in different lighting situations. 

Make A Feature Wall

Give your eye something to focus on in your refurbished bedroom by making one wall stand apart from the rest. Whether you go with a textured look like with Wainscotting or you simply apply a different colored paint, the variation will add depth and character. 

Get A New Rug

Switch out an existing rug with something new and exciting. Not sure what to get? Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and let your personality shine!

Get New Furniture

Replacing the old furniture in your bedroom is a quick and dramatic change. If you can’t afford new furnishings, though, try refinishing your nightstands or just switching out their hardware for a bold, new look. 

Update The Lighting

The lighting in any room sets the mood. In your bedroom, you’re likely looking for a calm, relaxing vibe, so choose a light fixture that contributes to that feeling. If you aren’t sure how to change out a light fixture, be sure you do some research to reduce your risk of injury caused by electric shock. 

Move Things Around

Sometimes just moving things around can give you the change you’re looking for. Often, removing a few things from the room can help it feel less cluttered, so try relocating furnishings and other items as you see fit to rejuvenate your love of this precious space. 

The bedroom is a room we often turn to for relaxation and comfort. If your bedroom could use a little TLC, use some of the tips listed above to create a bedroom you love spending time in.