Ways To Make A Small Kitchen Look And Feel Bigger

Small kitchens can be a hassle. From lack of storage to lack of prep space for cooking, dealing with a tiny kitchen can be a pain in the neck. Luckily, if your kitchen is a tad on the small side, there are things you can do to make it look and feel bigger. Check out the improvements below that will turn your tiny cook’s nook into the spacious kitchen of your dreams. 

Consider Smart Storage Solutions

Storage, or lack thereof, is often a problem in tiny kitchens. Use the space you have by choosing smart storage solutions like slide-out bins, racked shelving that tips downward, and compartmentalizing large spaces to fit everything in. 

Get Rid Of Stuff You Don’t Need

Since storage is a problem, getting rid of stuff you don’t use or need makes sense. We all have stuff we don’t use that often or never use at all, so go through your kitchen stash and consider getting rid of the stuff that’s literally just taking up valuable space. 

Paint the Room a Light Color

It’s a fact that light colors make a room seem larger, but did you know that painting everything in a room from the same color family with little contrast will make it appear even bigger? 

White is the perfect choice for making a room seem larger, but if that’s just too stark for you, consider a light shade of gray or something similar to create the low contrast look that’ll make your kitchen look bigger. 

Shine It Up!

Another trick to making a room look bigger is to hang mirrors on the walls to reflect and bounce light around the space. Having said that, not many people like to hang mirrors in the kitchen, so go for other shiny surfaces instead. Glossy countertops or tile surfaces, as well as chrome appliances all help create that shiny, glossy look that’s going to help the room feel bigger. 

Remove Cupboard Doors

Closed cupboards create a boxed-in effect that makes a kitchen feel small. By removing the doors, you’ll give the illusion of openness and spaciousness that’ll make the room feel larger. Installing transparent glass shelves will enhance the effect. 

Let There Be Light

Allowing light to flood the room is a great way to make it feel bigger. If there are windows in your kitchen, throw open the curtains and roll up the shades to allow light in all day long. 

If you don’t have a lot of natural light in the room, you can add artificial light sources to mimic the same effect. Recessed lighting with bulbs that give off a white glow instead of a yellow glow will be your best bet for a natural look. 

Elongate The Floor

If you can replace the flooring, go for something that features long lines, chevrons, or diamonds to draw the eye outward. This will help make your kitchen seem longer or wider. 

If you can’t replace the flooring, try adding a rug with the same linear patterns to draw the eye and make the room seem bigger than it is.