Make Your Bedroom A Great Place To Be!

Your bedroom should be a place of comfort and relaxation. For many, however, it’s a “catch-all” room that gets cluttered very quickly. It’s hard to be comfortable with piles of stuff surrounding you, so here are a few things you could probably do without in your bedroom this year.

1. Old pillows

If you haven’t replaced your pillows in a while, it’s time. You should replace them once a year, and don’t save the old ones.

2. Books

Get rid of books you’ve already read. If you know you’ll never look at them again, donate them, throw them out, or otherwise pass them on to someone else who will read them. There’s no reason to hang onto them.

3. Furniture you don’t use

That side chair that sits in the corner collecting your clothes isn’t really necessary. Put your clothes away and get rid of the chair. The same goes for any exercise equipment you resolved last year to use but haven’t.

4. Broken/Yellowed Window Treatments And Lampshades

When something breaks or yellows with age in the bedroom, it’s often forgotten. No one ever sees the bedroom besides you, so why bother, right? Have pride in your space and make it one you love to be in by replacing unsightly window treatments and old lampshades. Be sure to throw out the old ones immediately.

5. Old Papers

Like everyone else, you probably throw important papers in your bedroom, thinking you’ll get to them or put them away later. Unfortunately, later never comes, and the pile of papers grows with every passing week. Go through that pile of papers, toss what isn’t important anymore, and invest in a filing cabinet for the rest. Hint: the filing cabinet should go in an office or spare room – not in your bedroom.

6. Outdated electronics

We all have them: outdated cell phones and tablets that we just can’t seem to part with. They add up over time until you have so many you don’t know what to do with. Clear out the clutter by formatting them and donating them to charity.

7. Jar-o-change

You’ve been collecting change for years, and it’s finally time to cash it in. Who knows? Maybe there’s enough in there to finally buy that special something you’ve been dreaming of all last year.

Helpful Tips to Decluttering Your Bedroom

Now that you know the type of things you should be getting rid of in your bedroom, you can get started. No one says you have to do it all in one day, but the following tips will help you get it done.

Schedule a specific amount of time each week to declutter your bedroom. Focus on just one task at a time to ensure you complete it before moving on to the next.