How To Paint Sliding Doors

Without a doubt, sliding doors add a dramatic touch to any home. Whether they are the entrance to an outdoor patio or an interior doorway between rooms, sliding doors are beautiful and fabulous. 

Because the doors make such a huge impact on the design of your home, any flaws or outdated colors may be very noticeable. For this reason, it’s a great idea to give them a fresh coat of paint now and again. Luckily, there’s no reason to call a professional painter for this project as it’s quite simple to do yourself. Just follow the tips below to give your sliding doors the facelift they need. 

Step 1: Tape off the Glass

Use blue painter’s tape to mask off the glass panes of your sliding door. Tape both sides at once so you can paint both sides of the door without having to stop. 

Step 2: Paint

Start on the stationary door panel and paint one vertical side, the top, the other vertical side, and then the bottom in that order. If your door has individual glass panes, paint the frame around each one in the same manner. 

Move to the sliding door and paint it in the same order as the stationary door, making sure to leave the sliding door closed until the paint is fully dry. 

Tip: To keep your sliding door from forming a seal along the top and bottom track, move the door once per hour as the paint dries. 

Sliding Closet Doors

If you want to paint sliding closet doors, you can certainly paint them in place, but you’ll get a better, more even finish if you remove them from their tracks. 

To remove sliding closet doors from their tracks, grasp the door on either side and gently push it upward to dislodge it from its track. 

Sliding doors add an intriguing, dramatic touch to any home, but to keep them looking fresh and up to date, you’ll need to give them a fresh coat of paint every few years. Follow the tips above to paint them yourself quickly and easily.