Living Room Layouts That Just Don’t Work

The living room is used for a host of activities. From entertaining and watching TV to lounging and even dining, this room needs to be a versatile space. Unfortunately, many people make layout mistakes when decorating and furnishing their living rooms that just don’t work for the room’s intended purposes. 

Below, we explore some of the less-than-ideal layouts that just don’t work in most living rooms. 

The Couch In The Corner

People often think that by putting the couch in the corner, they are freeing up space in the rest of the room, but what this actually does is make the room look unbalanced. If you have a coffee table, it’ll be off-center, and there will be odd spaces that are hard to use in other areas of the room.

To keep this from happening, place the couch in the center of a wall or floating in the center of the room. 

All Furniture Against The Walls

If your living room is small, you may be tempted to push all the furniture up against the wall to create space in the middle of the room. What ends up happening, however, is that the room appears smaller because it is closed in. 

Instead, allow one or two pieces of furniture to float in the middle of the room. This will create an airy feeling with plenty of room to walk in front of and behind the furniture. 

Poor Spacing

The whole idea behind a good living room layout is that it’s conducive to socializing and comfort. Placing furniture too close together gives the space a cramped, uncomfortable feeling. Place the furniture too far apart and you’ll be yelling at each other when trying to have a conversation. 

Try to place furniture pieces far enough apart that you can comfortably walk between them without bumping into them. 

Poor Lighting

Improper lighting can make your living room seem dark, cold, and uninviting. If you have windows, use them to your advantage and allow as much natural lighting in to brighten the space. Place lamps on opposite walls since the sunlight will brighten the window side. Also, use mirrors on walls opposite the windows to help bounce the natural light around for a brighter, cheerier look and feel. 

Too Much Furniture

Your living room should be a comfortable, functional space, but if there are too many pieces of furniture, it can feel like an obstacle course that’s too much work to navigate. Rather than arranging and rearranging all that furniture to find something that works, try eliminating some pieces to make the room’s flow and function work for you. You might want to consider purchasing dual-purpose pieces to reduce the amount of furniture in the room without losing the functionality you need. 

When it comes to furnishing your living room, less is often more. With that in mind, following the tips above will help you arrange your apartment living room in a way that works for you.