Landscape Around a Pool with the Right Plants

When landscaping around a pool, it’s important to choose plants that not only look great but also won’t create a lot more work for you down the road. When choosing plants to landscape your pool area, consider their ease of maintenance, color/texture, scent, safety, privacy, and the overall design of your current landscaping. 

Below, we discuss several plants and how they can add to the overall ambiance and beauty of your outdoor pool area. 

1. Succulents

Succulents are a popular choice for a wide range of landscaping scenarios. Around the pool, they can provide a hardy, structural foundation for your poolside landscaping. Something to consider when choosing succulents for around your pool is their spines. Some succulents can be spiny, which when combined with bare-skinned swimsuit wearers, can be a recipe for disaster. Be sure to choose varieties that have small or no spines for the utmost safety. 

2. Ornamental Grass

Ornamental grass is low-maintenance and visually appealing in most settings. These grasses aren’t your typical long lawn grass, but rather, they include rushes, sedges, and bamboo. 

3. Vines

If privacy is the name of the game around your swimming pool, consider planting vines. Vines grow up vertical surfaces and through trellises and fences. They grow dense, creating a privacy fence of sorts that adds beauty and security to an outdoor pool area. 

Some vines to consider planting around your pool include jasmine, honeysuckle, and trumpet vines. 

4. Trees

Choosing the wrong trees to plant around your swimming pool can create more work for you. If you want to plant trees around your pool, look for ones that won’t drop leaves, fruit, or flowers into the water. 

5. Drought-Resistant Plants

If you live in a dry climate, choose plant varieties and placement with watering needs in mind. Many plants can be drought-resistant once their roots are established, but be sure you can water your plants easily if persistent drought sets in. 

6. Container Plants

If you have limited space for planting around your pool, container plants are a great option. Choose hardy varieties that grow well in containers and place the containers in areas where the plants grow best. The beauty of container gardening is that you can move the containers anytime you want for a different look and you can bring them inside when the weather turns cold. 

7. Plants that Smell Good

Adding plants that smell good around your pool can really up your relaxation and enjoyment game. You have many options in flowers, shrubs, and vines that give off a pleasant scent, which gives you plenty to choose from to plant around the pool and deck and along any pathways to and from the pool. 

8. Tropical Plants

If you prefer a tropical backyard retreat, planting tropical plants can make it happen. Some great choices for your poolside oasis include hibiscus, canna, palms, and papyrus.