How To Host A Successful Open House

Many people are of the idea that open houses don’t work when selling a home. The reality is, however, that they absolutely do work if you do it right. Below, we divulge several ideas that are sure to make your open house a success. 

Host a Live Stream on Facebook

Social media is where it’s at, so why not take advantage of it while your open house is in full swing. People want what other people want, so do a live stream on Facebook while people are milling about. Answer questions and walk through the property as you stream it all live on Facebook. 

Offer Virtual Staging

Many buyers have a hard time visualizing how a room will look with different furnishings. Virtual staging lets you show photos of the same room with different furnishings and uses so your open house visitors get a better idea of how the room can be used.

The nice thing about virtual staging photos is that once you’re done showing your open house visitors the images, you can email or text them copies, so they can continue to think about the possibilities after the open house is over. 

Don’t Serve Alcohol

Many agents like to serve alcoholic beverages at their open houses, but it’s really a bad idea.


Because doing so doesn’t really give you a good turnout of people actually interested in buying a house. Some people show up simply for the libations, so do yourself a favor and skip the alcoholic beverages if you want to attract actual interested buyers. 

Follow Up Afterward

The odds of someone walking into your open house and putting down an offer on the spot are slim, so you need to be on top of the follow-up after your open house has ended. 

Don’t try to guess which visitors might be ready to buy. Use a predictive analytics app like SmartZip to help you determine who’s the most likely to put an offer on the property. 

Showcase Three Features that Stand Out from the Competition

To make your listing stand out from the others, choose three features of the property that other homes don’t have and showcase them to attract buyers. 

Does the home have more square footage or larger bedrooms? Perhaps it has high ceilings that add charm and intrigue to the home. Being able to list these differences and discuss them with buyers will help depict the home as “better” than other homes for sale. 

Open houses are part of the selling process, and although many people think they aren’t necessary anymore, they absolutely work if done properly. Use the ideas listed above to host a successful open house.