How to Turn a Dark Basement Apartment into a Bright, Cheery Place


Lack of natural lighting is the one thing many people cannot overlook when considering a basement apartment to rent. To make your apartment more inviting, install plenty of different lighting sources to mimic the various stages of natural lighting throughout the day. 

Floor lamps, track lighting, and table lamps all add to the ambiance in the room while providing sufficient lighting no matter what time of day or night it is. 


The easiest and cheapest way to freshen up any space is with a coat of paint. Choose light neutral colors to keep the space bright. Add pops of color here and there, but only sparingly, as too much can make the space feel cramped and cluttered. Stay away from heavily patterned wallpaper or flooring as well. 


Less is more when it comes to furnishing a basement apartment. Notoriously small, you should furnish the space with simple, sleek furniture and opt for pieces that double as storage, too. Hide-a-bed couches and fold-away tables are great choices for a basement apartment. 


Hanging mirrors on the wall to create depth within a space is the oldest trick in the book, but it’s a smart one. Strategically hang mirrors around the apartment to reflect light and make it appear larger than it is. 


Basement apartments often come with their fair share of humidity because they are below ground level. As such, steer clear of heavy fabrics like carpet or drapes as they absorb moisture and tend to harbor mold. Instead, install laminate flooring and opt for mini blinds, which look more modern anyway.


Many plants love darker environments, so bring them in to give your basement apartment some life. Ferns are a good choice. Not only do they add cheer to the space, they also clean the air, so don’t be afraid to bring in more than one. 

If you’re the landlord of a basement apartment or you live in one, use the tips outlined above to make it a brighter, cheerier space. From adding more lighting to bringing in some green plants, the hacks listed above are easy and cheap, so get started today.